Thin Soup

December 27, 1990

This frigid Canadian air isn't helping Baltimore's needy and hungry families. Area soup kitchens are serving 19,000 people a week, a 30 percent increase. Yet donations have been diminishing. This combination of too many hungry folks and too little aid has forced some soup kitchens to cut back on their portions and pantries -- running low on food -- to reduce their handouts.

Not only is the weather freezing, but so is the economy. More and more people are out of work. Some single parents cannot make ends meet even working three part-time jobs. They must rely on soup kitchens and food pantries for subsistance.

This is the ideal time of year for those who can afford to lend a helping hand, be it financial or physical. The Maryland Food Committee, 204 E. 25th St., 366-0600, can direct you to a group that is eager for your contributions. Make this the holiday season when you truly make a difference.

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