How soon will we forget?

Elise T. Chisolm

December 27, 1990|By Elise T. Chisolm

FACING A NEW YEAR, let's not line up resolutions -- so trite, so improbable, and who ever keeps them, right?

Let's think about some things born of 1990 and before that we might have to say goodbye to in 1991:

* Prosperity: You know that good feeling from being able to sell your house and get a deal, or from being able to send your 17-year-old to college. You know, that feeling that just maybe "recession" was a word the media made up.

* The Lambada: No one I know ever did the dance. It seemed like a revamped, dirty version of the tango.

* Large shoulder pads: Fashion-conscious insiders tell me the accessory will get smaller.

* Neon clothing: I hope we can say so long to that stuff that glows in the dark and loses some of its color after the fourth washing.

* Oat bran: That love affair didn't last long.

* The mystique of Roseanne Barr.

* Zsa Zsa Gabor's antics.

* "Twin Peaks": Who watches it, anyway?

* Necks encased in tons of gold chains.

* Yuppies, with luck.

* Milli Vanilli: The critics were right.

* Retin-A.

* Margaret Thatcher.

* Too much fat in fast food.

I also have my own more personal peeves that I'd be glad to see go, things I'd like to forget.

* People who talk computer lingo. They must wonder why they aren't invited to parties.

* Those little lace collars on print dresses. Now, they look dowdy. Yep, I bought one.

* The ad nauseam talk of cholesterol.

* The fight between butter and margarine.

* The flap over decaf vs. real coffee.

* I would also like people to stop saying "have a good one," and just say "hello, thanks or goodbye," according to the occasion.

* Let Perrier take a back seat to club soda with a twist of lemon -- much cheaper.

* Bart Simpson.

* Ninja Turtles.

* Madonna.

* Media coverage of Donald Trump and Ivana.

* The short short skirts, tutu-length, in which no one with a shade of decency can sit down and cross their legs. Let the long skirts proliferate because they cover up a multitude things -- from varicose veins to fat.

* Moussed-up, ratty-looking hair.

Look, over the years, we've managed to say goodbye to go-go boots, Nehru jackets, crock pots, Imelda Marcos, smoking in public, 78 rpm and lava lamps. So bring on 1991.

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