Keep Poison From Ruining Holiday Time

December 26, 1990

The Maryland Poison Center offers these tips to avoid holiday hazards:

* Beware of decorating the halls with mistletoe.

Mistletoe and its berries can be poisonous; substitute plastic. If anyone does eat mistletoe, holly berries or Jerusalem cherries, call the Poison Center immediately. Poinsettias are not poisonous; if ingested however, they will cause varying degrees of mouth or stomach discomfort.

* Do not allow a child to drink a tree preservative. Many are dangerous whether homemade or store-bought.

* Use vigilance in preventing children from placing holiday decorations in their mouth. Angel hair, bubble lights and glitter can also injure eyes.

* Put MR. YUK stickers on scenting agents used to make candles.

If there is a poisoning emergency call: 528-7701 or (800) 492-2414.

For free MR. YUK stickers call 328-8122.

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