Ccc To Seek Dean After First Of January

December 26, 1990|By Greg Tasker | Greg Tasker,Staff writer

WESTMINSTER - The search for a new executive dean -- a position formerly known as executive director -- at Carroll Community College is expected to begin right after the first of the year.

Faye Pappalardo, CCC's director of student services and chairperson of the search committee, said the search for a successor to former executive director Elizabeth D. Blake, who guided the college from its founding in 1976 until her departure last September, has not begun.

"We haven't started the search yet," Pappalardo said. "It hasn't been advertised. I think there are a lot of people who are interested, but we won't accept applications until the process begins."

She said letters to prospective committee members -- to include representatives from Carroll and Catonsville Community colleges, the CCC Advisory Board and the County Commissioners -- will be sent out next week.

The six-member committee is expected to meet formally by the end of the month.

James Linksz, dean of instruction at Catonsville Community College, CCC's parent institution, said the position has been upgraded from executive director to executive dean to reflect CCC's growth and maturity.

Alan M. Schuman, CCC's director of administration who was appointed as interim director in October, would not comment on whether he would apply for the executive dean position, which will pay between $47,129 and $66,000.

Linksz said the position is expected to be advertised nationwide, most likely in the "Chronicle of Higher Education," the usual vehicle for advertising major positions at colleges and universities.

"I would think there would be a lot of interest in this position," Linksz said. "My guess is there will be interested individuals from Carroll County who have the right skills to provide this kind of leadership.

"I would also speculate that a position like this will attract a large number of existing dean-level persons in Maryland and neighboring states who would see this as the next step to a (college) presidency."

Expectations are that the position will be filled by July 1. Most new administrative positions at that level change at the beginning of the fiscal year, he said.

"It could be slightly earlier or slightly later, depending on how things go," Linksz said. "Sometimes, committee members cannot get together as much as they would like. But I think it's fair to say we're looking for a July 1 start date."

Because the search committee has not been formed officially, the qualifications for the position have not been established. Linksz said the committee will meet with Frederick J. Walsh, president of Catonsville Community College, to determine those qualifications.

Linksz said the committee likely will advertise that a doctorate is preferred for the position, but probably will allow candidates with master's degrees who have unusual credentials to apply, as well.

"The college is fully enough developed that the position should not go to a novice," Linksz said. "People who may have qualified for the position in the past might not get it in the future."

He said the committee probably will select the top five or 10 candidates for interviews. Finalists will return for a second interview and then the committee will make recommendations to the Catonsville president.

The final recommendation must be approved by the Baltimore County Community Colleges Board of Trustees.

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