Christmas wish list

December 25, 1990

Frank Robinson, Baltimore Orioles manager: "To Orioles fans, patience to understand what we're doing here."

Gary Williams, Maryland basketball coach: "I hope there is a wato just focus on basketball and not all the outside things. I'd like to see each school be responsible for running its own program, and I'd like to see the kids enjoy themselves more because they only have four years. It's not like the pros where you have 11 years or more."

Kenny Cooper, Baltimore Blast coach: "Sellout crowds with standing room only."

George Chaump, Navy football coach: "30 recruits with 40-yard -speed time to match their GPAs for our team, and for college football I'd like a season free of any controversy, scandals or drug-related problems."

Joe Krivak, Maryland football coach: "Our kids continue to makthe progress in 1991 they made in 1990 and they play with fervor and determination, like we did in 1990. For college football, I don't want cutbacks on any coaches [number of assistants allowed]."

Billy Ronson, Baltimore Blast's leading scorer: "A championshifor the Blast, more teams in the league [Major Soccer League] and the development of more American players in the league."

Pete Caringi, Maryland Bays coach: "A repeat of a nationachampionship [American Professional Soccer League] and a major pro outdoor soccer league in place by 1992 to help U.S. prepare for the World Cup."

Michael Holmes, Morgan State basketball coach: "I hope whave a strong finish and win the MEAC tournament and go to the NCAA tournament. My wish for the NCAA tournament is to have the teams stay in their own regions and play for the championship of that region."

Tom Schneider, Loyola College basketball coach: "I hope mteam gives me the kind of present they gave me at the beginning of the season [dedication and hard work]. In the NCAA, I hope people focus on the needs of student-athletes instead of show business because not too many of the players are going to make the pros and they're going to need assistance."

Phil Albert, Towson State football coach: "I hope our team has the kind of continuity to enjoy the 1991 season in all phases, not just W-L's but also in academic success and pure enjoyment. And I just hope college coaches and players who have taken so much out of the game give something back by standing up and being models for youngsters in the fight against alcohol and drugs. They don't have to make commercials and things like that, just be a model by their actions."

Augie Waibel, Poly football coach: "I wish we would continue the success past Poly teams have had, not only in football but in the classroom."

John Buchheister, Randallstown High football coach: "Fouhundred seats high enough for our parents to see the games. Right now they have to stand behind the fence like they do at sandlot games. Here we are, the state 4-A champions and we don't have any seats. And I'd like to see them take out the encroachment rule for the defense in high school football. If a kid flinches or breaks the plane, he is penalized 5 yards."

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