Desert Shield deaths

December 24, 1990

Aug. 12, 1990

Air Force -- Staff Sgt. John Campisi, 30, of Covina, Calif., struck by truck on dark runway in Saudi Arabia.

Aug. 21, 1990

Navy -- Electrician's Mate 3rd Class Daniel M. Jones, 19, of Wakefield, Mass., electric shock while performing routine maintenance aboard USS Antietam in Persian Gulf.

Aug. 28, 1990

Air Force -- 13 fatalities, C-5A Transport plane crashed on takeoff from Ramstein, Germany, en route to Saudi Arabia. Killed were:

Maj. John M. Gordon, Spring, Texas

Maj. Richard W. Chase, San Antonio, Texas

Maj. Richard M. Price, San Antonio, Texas

L Senior Master Sgt. Carpio Villarreal Jr., San Antonio, Texas

Master Sgt. Rosendo Herrera, San Antonio, Texas

Tech. Sgt. Daniel G. Perez, San Antonio, Texas

Tech. Sgt. Lonty A. Knutson, San Antonio, Texas

Staff Sgt. Daniel Garza, San Antonio, Texas

Staff Sgt. Edward E. Sheffield, San Antonio, Texas

Capt. Bradley R. Schuldt, Arlington Heights, Ill.

Master Sgt. Samuel M. Gardner Jr. Idalou, Texas

Staff Sgt. Marc H. Cleyman, Jacksonville Beach, Fla.

Staff Sgt. Rande J. Hulec, Cleveland, Ohio

Sept. 11, 1990

Navy -- Machinist Mate Fireman Apprentice Dale William Jock, Malone, N.Y., experienced breathing problems, died of natural causes (breathing problems), on USS LaSalle.

Sept. 14, 1990

Army -- 1st Lt. Tommie Bates, 27, Coventry, R.I., vehicle left roadway.

Sept. 20, 1990

Army -- Spec. Robert Noonan, 21, Cincinnati, Ohio, vehicle overturned.

Sept. 26, 1990

Marine Corps -- Staff Sgt. Thomas J. Moran, Cornwallis Heights, Pa., self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Sept. 30, 1990

Air Force -- F-15E fighter crashed in desert. Killed were:

Maj. Samuel Hook, 36, Bishop, Calif.

Capt. James Bernard Poulet, 34, San Carlos, Calif.

Oct. 8, 1990

Air Force -- RF-4C reconnaissance jet crashed in Saudi Arabia. Killed were:

Maj. Barry K. Henderson, 40, Tuscumbia, Ala.

Maj. Stephen G. Schramm, 43, Birmingham, Ala.

Marine Corps -- Two UH-IN Huey helicopters vanished during night training flight. Missing and presumed dead are:

Capt. William D. Cronin Jr., 29, Merrimack County, N.H.

Capt. Gary S. Dillon, 29, Stark County, Ohio

Capt. Kevin R. Dolvin, 29, Du Page County, Ill.

Capt. William J. Hurley, 27, Cook County, Ill.

Sgt. Kenneth T. Keller, 26, Cook County, Ill.

Sgt. John R. Kilkus, 26, Norfolk County, Maine

Cpl. Timothy W. Romei, 22, San Francisco, Calif.

Lance Cpl. Thomas R. Adams, 20, Baton Rouge, La.

Oct. 10, 1990

Air Force -- F-111F crashed in Saudi Arabia. Killed were:

Capt. Fredrick A. Reid, 33, Harrisburg, Pa.

Capt. Thomas R. Caldwell, 32, Columbus, Ohio

Oct. 30, 1990

Navy -- 10 fatalities, steam-line rupture in boiler room of USS Iwo Jima in Persian Gulf. Killed were:

Boiler Tech. Fireman Recruit Tyrone M. Brooks, 19, Detroit, Mich.

Boiler Tech. 3rd Class David A. Gilliland, 21, Warrensburg, Mo.

Boiler Tech. 2nd Class Mark E. Hutchison, 27, Elkins, W.Va.

Electrician's Mate 2nd Class Daniel Lupatsky, 22, Centralia, Pa.

Fireman Michael N. Manns Jr., 23, Fredericksburg, Va.

Boiler Tech. Fireman's Apprentice Daniel C. McKinsey, 21, Hanover, Pa.

Boiler Tech. 2nd Class Fred R. Parker Jr., 24, Reidsville, N.C.

Machinist Mate 3rd Class James A. Smith Jr., 22, Somerville, Tenn.

Lt. John M. Snyder, 25, Milltown, N.J.

Boiler Tech. 1st Class Robert L. Volden, 38, Rego Park (Queens), Oct. 30, 1990

Marine Corps -- 1st Lt. Michael N. Monroe, 27, Auburn, Wash., died when his jeep dropped off an embankment at night.

Nov. 7, 1990

Army -- Spec. Steven Douglas Clark, 22, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, died while trying to free a 2 1/2 -ton truck stuck in sand.

Nov. 9, 1990

Army -- Sgt. James Wilcher, 25, Crystal Springs, Miss., found dead in shower due to natural causes (broken blood vessel at base of brain).

Nov. 9,1990

Marine Corps -- Lance Cpl. James B. Cunningham, 22, Glendale, Ariz., was accidentally struck in the head by a bullet from another Marine's M-16 while sleeping.

Nov. 17, 1990

Army -- Sgt. Arthur Jackson, 36, Brent, Ala., was accidentally killed when he jumped from a vehicle with failed brakes, and the rear tires rolled over him.

Nov. 24, 1990

Army -- Pfc. Kevin Lee Calloway, 20, Arpin, Wis., was killed when he was thrown from the rear of a 2 1/2 -ton truck when it collided with a civilian truck.

Nov. 30, 1990

Marine Corps -- Cpl. Raymond L. Horwath Jr., Waukegan, Ill., died of natural causes aboard the USS Shreveport.

Dec. 1

Air Force -- Airman 1st Class Rocky J. Nelson, 21, New Auburn, Wis., died as a result of a vehicle accident at an air base in Saudi Arabia.

Dec. 5, 1990

Army National Guard -- Lt. Col. Joe Henry Hancock Jr., 49, Nashville, Tenn., 130th Combat Support Center, Tennessee National Guard, died of an apparent gunshot wound. An investigation is under way.

Dec. 5, 1990

Army -- Pfc. Dustin Craig LaMoureaux, 20, was killed when he was trapped between an army truck and pallet of construction materials.

Dec. 9, 1990

Army -- Pvt. 2 Scott N. Vigrass, 28, Tonawanda, N.Y., was killed when a vehicle overturned.

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