Plans five programs for anyone with interest in high-tech industries


December 24, 1990

In an effort to speed the flow of ideas from Maryland's laboratories to the marketplace, the Greater Baltimore Committee will present a five-part series of programs designed to bring together the region's entrepreneurs and high-technology researchers.

Each part of the "Meet the Researchers" series, consisting of one meeting each month from January to May, will focus on a specific area of scientific research with important commercial potential.

Besides entrepreneurs and scientists, the programs are expected to attract engineers, accountants, lawyers, venture capitalists, bankers and others with an interest in high-tech industries.

The cost of registration for individuals is $135 for the complete series or $30 for each segment; for groups of five or more, the cost per person drops to $110 for the series and $25 for each part.

The moderator for the series, which will be held at the Omni Inner Harbor Hotel, is John C. Weiss, managing director of the Maryland Venture Capital Trust.

For further information and registration, call Rosel Halle at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

The following is the schedule for the series. Each program runs from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

Jan. 23

"Studies of AIDS Proteins for Vaccine Development and Drug Design."

Presenter: Dr. Michael Hooker, President, UMBC.

Speaker: Dr. Michael Summers, assistant professor, chemistry and biochemistry, UMBC.

Feb. 20

"Applications of Genetic Engineering on Agriculture."

Presenter: Dr. Rita Colwell, director, Maryland Biotechnology Institute.

Speaker: Dr. Thomas Chen, professor, Center of Marine Biotechnology and Department of Biological Sciences, UMBC.

March 20

"Application of Advanced Measuring Techniques to Manufacturing Processes."

Presenter: Dr. Ted Poehler, associate dean of engineering, Johns Hopkins University.

Speaker: Dr. James Wagner, associate professor of materials science and engineering, Johns Hopkins University.

April 24

"Communications and Packaging Applications Using Mathematical Modeling Techniques."

Presenter: Dr. Eugene DeLoatch, dean of engineering, Morgan State University.

Speaker: Dr. Carl White, professor of electrical engineering, Morgan State University.

May 15

"Clinical Chemistry Using Fluorescence: From the Research Laboratory to Biomedical Applications."

Presenter: Dr. William Kinnard, acting president, University of Maryland at Baltimore.

Speaker: Dr. Joseph Lakowicz, professor of biochemistry at the UMAB.

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