Remember Penn State?Last year, the Maryland Terps went for...


December 23, 1990

Remember Penn State?

Last year, the Maryland Terps went for the field goal to tie Penn State and said the team deserved the tie because it's like a win against Penn State.

So what does Joe Krivak say about Louisiana Tech? That if he were in that situation, he probably would have gone for the victory. Who is he kidding?

Hap Hoy Baltimore

Run big-league race results

I deplore your discontinuance of publishing the New York race results. Charles Town and Penn National have their place -- but not at the expense of major-league racing.

Racing and breeding are big business in Maryland and certainly worthy of more than overnight coverage of the Breeders' Cup.

Joseph B. Hickey Easton

Wood deserves better

As an avid fan of the world of sports, I am shocked at the low ratings of Phil Wood's sports-talk radio program. Of course the small size of his station is the main reason, but Baltimore sports fans should know a good thing when they hear it.

Wood's unbelievable knowledge of all sports draws no comparison to his chief competitor, Jeff Rimer. Wood holds long conversations with callers, actually talking to them. He doesn't cut people off because they don't agree with him. Probably, Wood is most famous for his incredible understanding of the past. Who else could tell you the Washington Senators' starting lineup in 1952? It's a shame that he is on the air for a total of only six hours a week.

Being a young fan, I sometimes astonish people with the wide variety of information I know about sports. Much of this comes from listening to the great Phil Wood.

Mark Carpenter


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