Team-by-team Look At County Wrestling

December 23, 1990

Atholton Raiders

Coach: Ron McMillan (first year).

1989-1990 record: 3-8 overall, 2-5 county.

Returnees: Seniors, John Presley (152), Soren Barr (HW), Gary Hobbs (145), Greg O'Shea (125), Frank Coulson (160); juniors, Tony Zancan (135), Chris Jenkins (140), Andy Lewis (189); sophomore, Jason Sturm.

Newcomers to watch: Juniors, Jeff Davis (171), Brad Tyler (160); senior, David Hill (119).

Coach's outlook: "I like my middle weights, but we need to develop confidence. I think it will be a good year."

Howard County Sun's outlook: The Raiders probably have the most experienced team, but they are not as physically strong as Hammond or Oakland Mills. They could finish among the top four teams.

Centennial Eagles

Coach: Tony DeCrispino (second year).

1989-1990 record: 3-10 overall, 1-6 league.

Returnees: Seniors, Eric Almquist (140), Drew Herman (125); juniors, Shamus Gillen (160), Bill Augustin (171); sophomore, Brian Rhodes (112).

Newcomers to watch: Junior, Ken Tortolani (135); freshman, Matt Evans (103).

Coach's outlook: "We lack experience and have no heavyweight, but we could do well in tournaments."

Howard County Sun's outlook: It's tough to win dual meets without a heavyweight. Centennial won only once in the county last year and may only win once again.

Glenelg Gladiators

Coach: Brian Chadwick (first year).

1989-1990 record: 10-4 overall, 5-2 league.

Returnees: Senior, Andy Arnsmeyer (119); junior, Justin Stoddard (HW); sophomore, Randy Garland (160).

Newcomers to watch: Juniors, Joe Neville (125), John Jackson (140), Jeremy Rutter (145); sophomore, Jamie Arnsmeyer (103).

Coach's outlook: "We're kind of raw and green, but we should be an above-average dual-meet team and a good tournament team."

Howard County Sun's outlook: The Gladiators probably won't finish among the top four teams in the dual meets or tournaments. They've lost too much talent from last year.

Hammond Bears

Coach: Bill Smith (first year).

1989-1990 record: 9-5 overall, 4-3 league.

Returnees: Seniors, James Burrell (145), Ricky Mathews (152), Dan Johnson ( 160); junior, Chris Mercurio (119).

Newcomers to watch: Senior, Omar Williams (135); juniors, Jesse Pitt (HW), Chris Thompson (171); sophomore, Pat Brennan (189).

Coach's outlook: "We're young, but we can contend."

Howard County Sun's outlook: In a normal year Hammond wouldn't be a contender with its inexperience. But the Bears have a bunch of strong kids who will simply out-muscle other teams.

Howard Lions

Coach: Fred Bullock (second year).

1989-1990 record: 4-5 overall, 3-4 league.

Returnees: Seniors, Jeff Rudy (171), Mike Wiland (135), George Proctor ( 103); junior, Adam Eldridge (171); sophomores, Mark Grinspoon (112), John Wiland ( 145), Josh Tzuker (130), Dominique Trussaint (171).

Newcomers to watch: Junior, Alexis Gough (130).

Coach's outlook: "We're learning but have a ways to go."

Howard County Sun's outlook: The Lions have more experience than most teams and are a dark horse to break into the top four by tournament time, maybe even during the dual-meet season.

Mount Hebron Vikings

Coach: Harry Reese (first year).

1989-1990 record: 4-8 overall, 1-7 league.

Returnees: Seniors, Shane Igoe (125), Jason Wolcott (130), Ryan Bavis (140 ); sophomore, Scott Cooper (103).

Newcomers to watch: Sophomores, Steve Boswell (135), Jason Clark (145), Dan Hodges (189), Alistair Fanael (HW), Steve Colder (119).

Coach's outlook: "We lack numbers so we won't do well in dual meets, but might do decently in the tournament."

Howard County Sun's outlook: The Vikings probably won't win a league dual meet. The program is suffering from an unstable coaching situation.

Oakland Mills Scorpions

Coach: Dan Ricker (third year).

1989-1990 record: 8-3 overall, 7-0 league.

Returnees: Seniors, Dan Bickell (119), Kalev Freeman (130); juniors, Monti Spencer (HW), Joe Salinas (140); sophomore, Adam Seidman (125).

Newcomers to watch: Senior, Brian Dunbar (135); junior, Marcus Myles (145), Mike Maughan (125).

Coach's outlook: "We have good young kids and we want to win all seven county matches again."

Howard County Sun's outlook: The Scorpions have just enough star wrestlers to win the dual-meet and county titles again in what looks like a weak league this year.

Wilde Lake Wildecats

Coach: Rich Jackson (20th year).

1989-1990 record: 7-6 overall, 4-3 league.

Returnees: Seniors, Jay Turner (145), Ben Casella (171); juniors, Bob Farace (135), Tony Farace (189); sophomores, Nathan Casella (152), Tony Crawford (130).

Newcomers to watch: Freshmen, Chris Turner (125), Fernell Howell (100), Antoine Harris (112); sophomore, Nick Yoon (119).

Coach's outlook: "We should finish in the top four in dual meets, and hope to be competitive by tournament time."

Howard County Sun's outlook: The Wildecats should be one of the better teams, but not as good as Oakland Mills or Hammond.

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