Touching All The High Points In Year-end Standings


December 23, 1990|By NANCY NOYES

Winners in the year-long quest for High Point victory in racing sanctioned by the Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association in about 20 One-Design Division classes were announced Friday when the final scoring procedures were completed.

The One-Design Division classes are generally sailed either single-handed or double-handed, although a few classes normally compete with crews of three. Boats range from tiny 7-foot Optimist Prams sailed by junior competitors under the age of 16 to the internationally challenging Stars, which are Olympic-class keelboats.

Although the boats and crews are small, one-design or dinghy racing is often highly competitive, requiring athletic skill, strength, and coordination, as well as smart sailing, and placing a very high premium on individual performance and ability.

As in the "big boat" classes in the Cruising One-Design and Handicap divisions, a One-Design Division skipper's score is calculated as a ratio of his or her actual performance in races sailed to the best possible performance he or she could have achieved in those races, had he or she won every event entered.

A bonus factor of 1.25 is used to multiply High Point scores for each skipper who has competed in more than one CBYRA area over the season, although multiple-area competition is not required for High Point eligibility.

Qualifying skippers must be members of CBYRA and of their regional class organizations or fleets, must sail at least five CBYRA-sanctioned races in a given season, and must act as helmsmen throughout each race entered. At least six skippers must qualify in a class for High Point trophies to be awarded by CBYRA in that class.

This year, some of the fiercest battles for High Point standings appear to have been fought in the three junior divisions, including Optimists, Junior Single-Handed and Junior Double-Handed.

In addition to strong competition in individual races, these classes also saw some of the largest numbers of competitors and qualifiers. This is good news for the future of sail racing in this area, since these young contenders are the ones who are counted upon to carry on the sport in years to come.

These young sailors' parents also can take great pride in their sons' and daughters' accomplishments, and in the time and effort they themselves put in to support and assist their children's endeavors over the season.

Trophies for Region II and III One-Design winners will be awarded at the same time as those for the Cruising One-Design and Handicap divisions, at a special luncheon ceremony to take place at the Gibson Island Club on Saturday, Jan. 12.

For information or reservations, contact the CBYRA office at 269-1194.

Luncheon reservations must be received by Jan. 1.

Congratulations to all the One-Design Division qualifiers and winners, and good luck to all one-design sailors on the race course in the coming year.


High Point winners

One-Design Division

Albacore (11 competitors, eight qualifiers): Barney Harris, McLean, Va., 0.965 pts.; Jude Brown, Silver Spring, 0.932 pts.; David Wallerstein, Washington, DC, 0.793 pts.

Comet (six competitors, three qualifiers): Elliott Oldak, Annapolis, 0.999 pts.; Kathryn Weber, Annapolis, 0.471 pts.; Peter Tasi, Annapolis, 0.422 pts.

El Toro (18 competitors, nine qualifiers): Geoffrey Schneider, Annapolis, 1.089 pts.; Harold Muma, Baltimore, 0.852 pts.; Brian Taliaferro, Arlington, Va., 0.843 pts.

Flying Dutchman (three competitors, one qualifier): Keith Graham, Fairfax, Va., 0.838 pts.

Flying Scot (12 competitors, six qualifiers): David Neff, Edgewater, 1.070 pts.; Brian Harris, (address unavailable), 1.018 pts.; Frank Gibson, Arlington, Va., 0.856 pts.

International 14 (zero competitors/qualifiers).

International 470 (seven competitors, four qualifiers): Gordon Cutler Jr., Chevy Chase, 0.822 pts.; Timothy Drake, Dunkirk, 0.788 pts.; Alice Mignerey, College Park, 0.540 pts.

International 5-0-5 (11 competitors, seven qualifiers): Henry Amthor, Hampton, Va., 0.948 pts.; Macy Nelson, Baltimore; Pete Wallio, Hampton, Va., 0.769 pts.

Jet 14 (six competitors, two qualifiers): Randy Bruns, Arnold, 0.894 pts.; William Reed, Chevy Chase, 0.474 pts.

Laser (22 competitors, four qualifiers): Gary Smith, Alexandria, Va., 0.858 pts.; John Macielag, Towson, 0.648 pts.; Steven Von Christierson, (address unavailable), 0.638 pts.

Snipe (24 competitors, 10 qualifiers): Griff Hall, Annapolis, 1.023 pts.; Scott & Susan Taylor, Annapolis, 0.949 pts.; Roger Link, Harwood, 0.762 pts.

Star (13 competitors, seven qualifiers): Craig Coltharp, Stevensville, 0.875 pts.; Elliott Oldak, Annapolis, 0.828 pts.; Kevin McNeil, Annapolis, 0.826 pts.

Sunfish (six competitors, one qualifier): Robert Davis, Lewes, Del., 0.807 pts.

Tempest (five competitors, four qualifiers): 1) David Lavis, Arnold, 0.967 pts.; 2) Edgar Hoyt, Annapolis, 0.724 pts.; 3) Thomas O'Hara, Alexandria, Va., 0.553 pts.

Thistle (zero competitors/qualifiers).

Windmill (three competitors, zero qualifiers).

Optimist (24 competitors, 16 qualifiers): Gregory Miernicki, Severna Park, 0.817 pts.; Will James, Easton, 0.772 pts.; Jeffrey Roberts, Annapolis, 0.759 pts.; Myles Conway, Annapolis, 0.749 pts.; Stephen Miernicki, Severna Park, 0.724 pts.

Junior Single-Handed (39 competitors, 23 qualifiers): Ben Fernon, Annapolis, 0.706 pts.; Ryan Sterba, Easton, 0.669 pts.; Brian Petzold, Easton, 0.576 pts.; John Torgerson, Annapolis, 0.565 pts.; Timothy Devine, Easton, 0.460 pts.

Junior Double-Handed (14 competitors, eight qualifiers): Geoffrey Schneider, Annapolis, 0.799 pts.; Andrew Williams, Reston, Va., 0.626 pts.; John McCarthy, Oxford, 0.517 pts.

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