Commissioners Feeling Each Other Out


December 23, 1990|By Edward H. Shur

Three or four times a year, members of the press get together with the County Commissioners to discuss issues of mutual concern.

Thursday's gathering, the first with the new board, was a jovial one.

In that holiday spirit, I hope the board won't mind my sharing one jocular tidbit from Commissioner Elmer Lippy during a discussion about cost-cutting efforts to make up for the county's projected $3 million budget shortfall.

Lippy waved his hand, saying all of those in the room were witnessing one cost-cutting effort: lowering the thermostat.

"Feel my hand," Lippy said, offering it to Commissioner Julia Gouge.

"Feel my feet," Gouge responded, with a laugh.

"And what part of the body do you want to feel?" I asked Commissioner President Donald Dell with a laugh, not wanting him to feel left out.

Dell smiled . . . and said he'd settle "for a hug."

"Well, I have a headline for my column," I replied, as we all laughed.

Happy holidays!

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