Local Trucks To Mideast

December 23, 1990

HAMPSTEAD - Following an order on short notice last month, employees at Snyder Body Inc. are working to redesign 20 trucks that will eventually be sent to Saudi Arabia.

The custom truck manufacturer -- which is listed as a potential contractor with the U.S. Defense Department -- received about $1.5 million of a $20 million contract.

Snyder Body is responsible for removing 16 inches off the truck axles, said Mark Snyder, company owner.

The trucks will be used as mobile refrigeration units chilling meat during Operation Desert Shield.

Subcontractors built the refrigerated bodies and converted the vehicles to four-wheel drive, said Snyder.

The trucks left Hampstead last Tuesday and should be loaded on ships in Delaware destined for the Middle East this week, Snyder said.

Snyder said the 40-employee company often does work for federal and local governmental agencies.

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