From The Sun Dec. 23-29, 1840Dec. 24: The harbor of...


December 23, 1990|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Dec. 23-29, 1840

Dec. 24: The harbor of Baltimore has not yet been closed by the ice and the navigation to our city is entirely uninterrupted.

Dec. 28: Another white mantle has fallen upon the shoulders of the city. Snow commenced falling at an early hour on Saturday morning last and continued to descend throughout nearly the whole day.


From The Sun Dec. 23-29, 1890

Dec. 25: Merry Christmas -- The familiar greeting which The Sun sends to its many thousands of readers is one, ever old, ever new, which today will carry a ray of good fellowship, of kindly good will to innumerable hearts.


From The Sun Dec. 23-29, 1940

Dec. 23: F. Scott Fitzgerald, chronicler of the social mores of the nineteen-twenties and the man who, twenty years ago, gave literary caste to the "Flapper Girl," died yesterday at his home in Hollywood, Calif.

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