Will cut more jobs in administration, Hayden promises

December 21, 1990|By Larry Carson | Larry Carson,Evening Sun Staff

From the new car that cost $8,000 less than the former county executive's, to the firings and forced transfers of appointees from past administrations, new Baltimore County Executive Roger B. Hayden said he has cut enough to save about $1 million over the next 12 to 18 months.

The bulk of the savings came from eliminating some positions, and paying less to several new employees, according to an announcement from the executive's press spokeswoman.

Hayden had promised most of the moves during his election campaign, in which he defeated Democratic Dennis F. Rasmussen, although the estimated savings falls far short of the $10 million he had promised he could save by eliminating 200 appointee jobs.

Hayden said he plans more job cuts later.

The elimination of two deputy administrative officers, Stanley Guild and Timothy Fagan, and the promotion of Deputy Fire Chief Elwood H. Banister to head the department allowed the elimination of those three positions, with a salary savings of $225,000.

In addition, Hayden fired Special Projects Coordinator Barry Silverman and Community Outreach Coordinator Regina Aris and transferred an administrative assistant to a vacancy in another department, eliminating all three positions. That amounted to $125,000 in salaries. Aris, incidentally, said she learned she was fired by reading the newspaper yesterday.

Meanwhile, the replacements for staffers Judy Sussman, Joe Adler and Bob Nealy are being paid a combined $63,000 less in salaries than their predecessors in those jobs.

Hayden is also claiming a savings of $288,000 in salaries for seven positions eliminated from the Office of Communications, although most of the employees there are to be transferred to jobs in other county departments. Those savings would not all kick in until the next budget year begins July 1.

The county's legislative liaison office also is being cut back. New lobbyist Fred Spigler will receive $6,000 a month for four months and the staff has been reduced from seven to three people.

Spigler replaces year-round lobbyist Steven I. Batoff, and retired Judge Edgar Silver, who between them collected more than $70,000 a year. Also, a house rented for $2,200 in Annapolis during past legislative sessions has been cut from the budget. Hayden claims savings of $151,000 there.

Hayden also said that fringe benefits eliminated with the position cuts amount to $260,000.

Finally, the new executive got a cheaper county car.

He moved to sell the 1989 Lincoln Town Car the county bought new for $24,000 to chauffeur Rasmussen and replaced it with a used 1991 Ford Crown Victoria bought for $15,900 from the Hertz rental company.

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