Joint probe of supplying of guns leads to arrest of Baltimore man

December 21, 1990|By Susan Schoenberger

A Baltimore man suspected of supplying handguns to minors, out-of-state residents and convicted felons was arrested yesterday after a two-month investigation by federal, state and local authorities.

Carroll Brown, 28, of the 6200 block of Leith Walk was arrested about 1:30 p.m. in a parking lot at Belvedere Shopping Plaza and was charged with selling a handgun to an out-of-state resident, said Dennis S. Hill, a Baltimore police spokesman.

The two-month investigation was conducted by Baltimore police, state police and the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Mr. Hill said investigators had traced 11 handguns used in recent crimes to Mr. Brown. The serial numbers of three of the 11 handguns had been erased, which is a federal crime, Mr. Hill said.

Police said they collected 10 handguns, two shotguns, two rifles, a bullet-proof vest and $3,200 from Mr. Brown's residence. Police also said they took a loaded handgun from Mr. Brown at the time of his arrest.

Mr. Brown was charged with three federal counts of selling a handgun to a resident of another state.

He could be sentenced to 15 years in prison if convicted of those violations.

It is a federal crime to supply handguns or shotguns to minors, out-of-state residents or convicted felons.

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