On N. County Game, Sage Eats His Words

Prophet Pat

December 20, 1990|By Pat O'Malley

Not a bad week for the Prophet, who went 4-2 with only one royal flub.

The winless North County boys basketball team made the Prophet look like an absolute fool by getting blown out by Northeast, 74-51, last Friday night. Prophet Pat had written, "Hoorah for the first-year Knights and their rookie coach, Brad Wilson. They will get their first win tomorrow night."

Yeah, right, Prophet.

North County was made a one-point favorite. It wasn't even close and don't you worry, Northeast fans rubbed it in Friday with phone calls to the 24-Hour Sportsline (647-2499).

One woman called and said, "I hope you don't gamble, Pat." Another said, "The next time you predict games, you better get a psychic to help you out."

What an insult. The Prophet is a psychic, an all-knowing sage. Well, at least he is most of the time.

The other miss was the expected cliffhanger in boys hoops between Meade and Old Mill, as the sage went against the proven method of always taking the home team in a close one. The Prophet took Meade by one, but the host Patriots prevailed, 56-54, Tuesday night.

However, Meade did come through for the Prophet last Friday, 77-54, over neighbor Arundel, easily covering the two-point spread. The Annapolis boys, and the North County and Severna Park girls teams also easily covered.

Annapolis hammered Severna Park, 87-65, last Friday to breeze over the 12-point spread. The same night, North County -- a two-point pick over Northeast -- did what its male counterparts could not and defeated the Eagles, 53-41.

Tuesday afternoon, Severna Park was better than a three-point favorite in ripping Chesapeake, 68-42.

The 4-2 slate lifted the Prophet's overall record to 83-33, a percentage of .715.

Here are this week's picks: Boys basketball Southern (4-1) at South River (3-2) 7 p.m. tonight: This is the "Game of the Week," at least judging by the records and what upstart South River did to Northeast Tuesday night. It's the Battle of the South.

The host Seahawks stunned Northeast (3-2), 63-58, with Albert Lee and Chance Hall scoring 19 and 15 points, respectively. Class 2A Northeast had reeled off three wins in a row, including that lopsided 74-51 romp over 4A North County, but the Hawks were waiting for them.

Playing a somewhat "soft" schedule, South River was expected to lose this one, but must be better than first thought.

The Prophet looks for South River to hang in for three periods, but eventually wilt under the Bulldogs' pressure and the Vince Barnett barrage.

Dawgs in a wild one.

Southern plus 3 over South River.

North County (0-5) at Meade (4-2) 7 p.m. tonight: Look for Butch Young's Mustangs to bounce back from Tuesday's 56-54 loss at Old Mill, while the first-year Knights' woes continue.

The game marks the first of two meetings between teacher and student, with rookie North County coach Brad Wilson going against Young, the man he assisted for nearly a decade.

But this game won't come down to matching wits and mentor outsmarting protege. It will come down to the horses, and Meade truly has the Mustangs with the likes of Ron Hubbard, Brian Parker, Lance Taylor and Ray Sommerville.

The Knights are hurting to say the least. Their shooting in Tuesday's 61-48 loss to Glen Burnie was, in the words of assistant coach Dan Krimmelbein, "pitiful and a sad story."

One wonders if this team is going to win a game. They definitely have replaced much-improved Chesapeake as 4A league doormat.

Meade plus 8 over North County.

Chesapeake (2-2) at Annapolis (5-0).

7:30 p.m. tonight: Here we go.

Tuesday night, Tom Kraning's Cougars took the air out of the ball and slowed the Severna Park (1-4) running game to a walk in a 54-52 upset. That should, however, be the last time we refer to a win over Severna Park as an "upset".

How could it be an upset beating a 1-4 team?

Kraning is getting steady play from point guard Mark Hall, who certainly will play a crucial role for the Cougars in their visit to the Panther Den.

Hall is the one Kraning will be counting on to handle the ball and somehow slow the frenzied Panther pace.

Not to take anything away from Hall and the rest of the Cougars, but their attempts to bring the Annapolis horse race back to the stalls will be futile.

After missing two games, Dennis Edwards returns to the Annapolis line up tonight and just might light the gymnasium in Christmas colors.

Annapolis plus 15 over Chesapeake.

Old Mill (3-2) at Arundel (2-3) 7 p.m. tonight: People are talking about how quick this Old Mill team is, and Meade got a taste of it Tuesday in a two-point loss to the Patriots.

Meanwhile, Arundel traveled to Howard County and Hammond High and got manhandled by the Bears, 86-71.

Old Mill, led by Damien Sewell, can't match the Wildcats in height, but may overmatch them in speed and quickness. With 6-foot-3 junior center Shawn Craig, the Pats' biggest starter, coach Paul Bunting tries to get the other team to play his game.

Craig, who had a game-high 18 points against Meade, and Sewell (14) are the main men for Bunting.

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