Parking On James Street

December 19, 1990

WESTMINSTER - Citizen concerns about parking on both sides of James Street -- and the resulting traffic congestion on the one-way street --prompted the following recommendations from the city Department of Public Works.

City Council members approved the suggestions at Monday night's meeting.

* Yellow lines prohibiting parking will be painted on the north side of James 35 feet from the Pennsylvania Avenue intersection and 30 feet from the Winter's Alley intersection.

* Parking will be prohibited on the south side of James between Pennsylvania Avenue and Winter's Alley.

* A yellow line will be painted on the south side of James between Winter's Alley and Kemper Avenue 30 feet from the Winter's intersection.

Seven parking spaces will be protected, said public works director William S. Mowell.

In other parking news, Wayne Barnes, Dolores Maminski and Jeff Smelser were appointed to the newly reinstated parking committee.

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