An Orioles' wish listThe following is a Christmas list for...

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December 18, 1990

An Orioles' wish list

The following is a Christmas list for the 1991 Orioles.

1) Frank Robinson -- A microphone so he can be heard publicly admitting that he is just as frustrated by the O's tight-fisted management as we, the fans, are.

2) Roland Hemond -- A waiver wire that does not come from the south side of Chicago (the White Sox rejects).

3) Cal Ripken -- A .300 hitter with power so Cal can see some good pitches. This is about as likely as a 10-year-old getting a Porsche.

4) Eli Jacobs/Larry Lucchino -- The realization that a serious drop in ticket prices is justifiable since they don't pay major-league wages.

5) Dwight Evans -- A healthy back. This way he can have a productive year, and then sign for millions with Toronto or Oakland.

P.S. Hey Roland . . . is Mike Young available?

Chris Meyers


Hail to the chief

Ed Hale wanted to buy a football team; none was available, so he bought the Blast. Ed Hale wanted to break a 10-year tradition and change the uniform color from red to blue -- his high school tennis team's color -- and he did. Ed Hale wanted his very own fan club, so he insulted the Blast Booster Club and formed his own "Blast Fan Club." Our Baltimore Blast is his Baltimore Blast.

Maybe money can't buy you love, but it sure can buy you your own way.

Pat Perkins


Colts can't cry

C'mon John, stop your bellyaching! (Re: John Steadman's column of Dec. 3.)

The 1967 Baltimore Colts did not come up bridesmaids to the Los Angeles Rams of identical (11-1-2) record because of "total points scored against each other."

Then, as now, the NFL first looked at head-to-head play between the two first-place teams if tied. The last time I checked, a win and a tie (Rams) beats a loss and a tie (Colts).

What really is amazing is that the crybaby Colts clamored for a "playoff" game with the Rams to settle the tie. What did they think the season-ending game with the Rams was (besides a humiliating loss)? The Rams were the better team that day and, sadly for the Colts, for the season, too.

John, there is one small consolation. In today's NFL the Colts would have suffered the ignominity of being an 11-1-2 wild-card team.

Rick Isphording


Jolly good show

On behalf of English soccer, I should like to congratulate the Baltimore Blast for the exemplary manner in which the team members and officials conducted themselves during the team's visit to Manchester this week, both on and off the field of play.

The officials and players were a credit to the city of Baltimore and also proved to be fine ambassadors for the U.S.A.

William Fox, President

The Football League

Manchester, England

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