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December 18, 1990

Responding to the public outcry for a new professional sports league, we now will have the women's Liberty Basketball Association, to be launched in December 1991.

The league plans to play in six cities. Only five -- New York, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia and Los Angeles -- have been announced, so maybe Baltimore still has a shot. Women's pro basketball has been tried and failed before, however, so what's the difference this time?

For one thing, different equipment. The basket will be shorter -- 9 feet 2. This, the league says, is because women generally are 92 percent the height of men, thus a basket under 10 feet. Also, the ball will be smaller, as in the women's college game. And the LBA plans extensive television coverage -- every game broadcast on some outlet.

Oh, and one more thing: The players will wear, according to a news release, "radically restyled uniforms -- form-fitting, one-piece unitards especially designed by Danskin for the LBA."

You don't suppose this last aspect will be emphasized in the league's advertising, do you?

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