What happened on Flight 103? A fearful mother wants to know

Carole S. Downing

December 18, 1990|By Carole S. Downing

FRIDAY will mark the second anniversary of the blowing up of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, a tragedy that took the lives of 270 innocent people.

I want to know what has been done to prevent other people from being murdered by terrorists in like fashion.

I am not a family member of a victim. I am, however, the mother of a son who lost one of his best friends at the hands of these murderers. Lt. George Williams (Jordy) was among those not given a chance at life. My son continues to mourn Jordy's death. I am also the mother of a wonderful teen-age daughter named Karen. Karen just left for college to major in international studies. I fear for the life of this 17-year-old whom I love so much.

Karen has traveled as an exchange student to Europe and the Far East. Each time, she has come home safely. I am sure she has returned to me only by the grace of God. I know she will continue to travel internationally. I am petrified, but I must withhold my fear from this young person who has so much to offer the world. I do not want to sacrifice her life and I never want to feel the pain that the families, friends and my son feel over the horrible massacre of the ones they loved and lost.

I know there have been no answers given for this tragedy. I know that it is still unsafe to fly. I know security is still extremely lax. I know there can be other sacrificial lambs. I don't want my daughter to be one of them.

The truth must out. Why were so many government employees pulled off Flight 103? Why were warnings not heeded? Why were 270 lives worth nothing? Why were these victims not warned? I demand to know, and I demand safe air travel. I want guarantees from my government that my daughter will not be taken from me.

I think about this act of terrorism all the time. I do not know why it is taking so long to find the answers and correct the horrors that were allowed to happen.

Is my government hiding the facts? What happened to 270 hapless people can happen to my daughter. I want the U.S. government to know that she is not expendable like a piece of trash. I care about Karen and everyone else who is in jeopardy and in danger.

We must not forget what happened on Dec. 21, 1988. This tragedy must never be repeated.

Carole S. Downing writes from Pikesville.


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