'Health Care and AIDS' is the topic on WJHU


December 18, 1990|By Steve McKerrow

It has been a major news story for a couple weeks, and now the case of the local surgeon who had AIDS is getting a call-in radio forum.

"The Health Care Profession and AIDS" is scheduled to air at 7 tonight on WJHU-FM 88.1, featuring Dr. Hamilton Moses 3rd, vice president for medical affairs of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, and Dr. Samuel Westrick, a private physician and AIDS expert.

The 90-minute special, of course, springs from the case of Dr. Rudolph Almaraz, a Hopkins surgeon whose death from the disease last month prompted the hospital to offer AIDS tests to the physician's former patients. At least one lawsuit has been filed as a result.

On tonight's show, hosted by John Stupak, the physicians will respond to questions from listeners about the variety of issues which have arisen from this case and the continuing spread of AIDS. What is the risk to a patient from a doctor who has AIDS? How can physicians protect themselves from infection?

The show's phone number is 338-9548, and listeners can begin calling before air time. The show pre-empts the usual repeat airing of National Public Radio's "All Things Considered."


DOUBLE TIME -- One of the theories about the nature of time is that it is like a river, with past, present and future all existing at different points. Media Monitor thinks it is more like television, and proposes the case of Shelley Fabares as proof.

The actress plays TV newscaster Christine on "Coach," and ABC is teasing us with ads suggesting that in tonight's episode (at 9:30, Channel 13), Hayden (Craig T. Nelson) will ask her to marry him. Regular viewers know that in recent weeks the couple split up, but that Hayden still pined for her, and she for him.

So where's the time element? At the very same hour tonight (as every night), viewers can see a much younger Fabares on cable's Nick At Nite as the eldest daughter on "The Donna Reed Show." Remember? She played Mary Stone in 1958-'63 and even had a hit record, "Johnny Angel."

How about another example of the TV time machine? "Donna Reed" is followed at 10 nightly on Nick At Nite by reruns of vintage "Saturday Night Live" shows, often including Chevy Chase. And Chase stars tonight in the CBS movie, "Fletch Lives" (at 9, Channel 11).


OFF TO OZ -- Dust from those flowers that put Dorothy to sleep must have gotten to Media Monitor, too. In a Saturday column reference to "The Wizard of Oz," we meant to say that it was Jack Haley, not Ray Bolger, who played the Tin Man.

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