The facts in Facts-A-Nation

December 17, 1990

Facts-A-Nation includes 100 questions in each of 12 different categories; they vary greatly in difficulty. Here's a sampling:

1. Cities: Manchester, an industrial center, is the largest city in which New England state?

2. Wars: During what battle was Stonewall Jackson mortally wounded in 1863?

3. Women: Who led the first convention for women's rights?

4. Air & Space: When was Skylab, the first U.S. space station, launched?

5. Outdoors: What is Gutzon Borglum, famous sculptor, noted for?


1. New Hampshire

2. Battle of Chancellorsville

3. Elizabeth Cady Stanton

4. May 15, 1973. (Three crews manned it for a total of 172 days. The last crew splashed down Feb. 8, 1974.)

5. He carved the faces on Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

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