Wants New York race resultsWhy have you discontinued...


December 16, 1990

Wants New York race results

Why have you discontinued publishing race results from Aqueduct? The New York tracks are host to the most important '' racing in the nation. Surely it is more newsworthy than Charles Town or Penn National. Please bring it back. As a major East Coast newspaper, The Sun should be ashamed of its news policy.

A. Altman Parkville

Editor's note: The Sun no longer carries results from New York tracks because we have devoted the space to coverage of Maryland racing and tracks closer to Maryland, such as Charles Town and Penn National.

Baltimore's fickle fans

Baltimore sports fans rate among the most fickle anywhere. After a few years of Edward Bennett Williams signing free agents and the team going nowhere, the cheers went out for the no-name team that went from last to almost first with rookies and home-grown players.

If you listen to the talk shows, you would think that the governor should pass a bill to make the Orioles sign every free agent on the market. The bottom-line Orioles would do themselves and the fans a favor by staying away from the Franklin Stubbses of the world. The only free agent that they need to sign is Mickey Tettleton.

To trade a young player like Pete Harnisch or Bob Milacki or even Steve Finley is absolutely crazy. Would Stubbs hit more home runs than Sam Horn? I doubt it. These youngsters have something that our fans seem to forget, and that is another year's experience. Pitching and defense is the Orioles' trademark, and this is what they have plenty of.

It would have been nice to add a pitcher like Seattle's Matt Young, but the price would have disrupted the pay structure and the harmony of the current team.

If the Orioles want to spend a few million, they should do so without giving up any young talent. Sign Tom Brunansky and get your money's worth.

This isn't going to happen, so let's give Roland Hemond the support he deserves. He at least has the common sense to stay with the team he has and watch the players grow with experience. I would rather pay my money to watch this type of team any day. It would be even more sad to see Harnisch win 20 games for Boston or Finley be an MVP with California while Kal Daniels becomes another Dan Ford. These kids will be winners, and we can all watch them at Babe Ruth Stadium for years to come.

Charlie Dorsey Pasadena

Figuring the polls

If Notre Dame defeats Colorado (the team both major pollrank No. 1) on New Year's Day, Georgia Tech loses to Nebraska, and Texas loses to Miami, how, under any objective, just standards could any voter rank Notre Dame behind Miami (or even Florida State, which was walloped by Miami)?

The New York Times said on Dec. 4 that "if Colorado and Georgia Tech both tumble . . . the winner of the Cotton game . . . would have a valid claim to national superiority."

What valid claim would Miami have if it won? If Notre Dame were to defeat the No. 1 team (Colorado), how in the world could Miami be ranked ahead of the Irish, who played a much tougher schedule and had a 5-1 record vs. ranked opponents, compared Miami (2-2) and Florida State (1-2, if you count Auburn)?

And if that isn't enough, don't we remember that Notre Dame defeated Miami? Last year, the key ingredient to Miami finishing No. 1 was that its head-to-head win against Notre Dame the key tie-breaker. This year, the Irish beat Miami. Are we going to reward Miami for a .500 record vs. its ranked opponents, or Florida State for playing two ranked teams?

I'm not for a playoff system. I simply ask that those who vote in these polls think a little more than they do before they vote for our public officials. If they use any combination of head-to-head, strength of schedule and final records, Notre Dame must come out ahead of Miami (and Florida State). Certainly, timing of losses, or one-sided victories against weak opponents, or even a trouncing of Texas, cannot trump strength of schedule, performance against top teams, or head-to-head competition. The greatest virtue of a playoff system, for those who prefer one, is its recognition of the importance of head-to-head competition.

Daniel M. Colgan New York

Hurry up, sign Tettleton

I can't believe the Mickey Tettleton situation has gone this far. The Orioles should sign him before it's too late. He's an important part of this team. It would be a huge hole to fill if he left. I think he proved himself in 1989. Sure, he struck out a lot last season, but so did Cecil Fielder. He was all of Detroit's power, and I didn't hear any Tigers fans complaining. Sure, Tettleton didn't hit 50 home runs, but could you imagine the Orioles lineup without his 16 homers and 51 RBI? I can't.

I'm just afraid to see what will happen when Cal Ripken, Gregg Olson and Ben McDonald become free agents. Then we'll really see if Roland Hemond can open that thick wallet.

Michael Black Baltimore

Let's get crabby

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