Around The County: Teams At A Glance Girls Basketball

1990-1991 Tipoff

December 16, 1990


Coach: Gray Webster, eighth year

1989-1990 record: 15-9 overall, 9-5 county.

Returnees: seniors: Erika Kean (F), Denise Richardson (G/F); junior: Juanita Thompson (F); sophomore: Allison Valentino (G).

Newcomers to watch: Juniors: Vanessa Clack (G), Julie Ruprecht (G), Dana McGraw (F), Heather MacDonald (G), Kirsten Kruhm (F); sophomore: Kelly Smith (F).

Coach's outlook: "We're young, and we're still making young mistakes.

What's going to hurt us is our inexperience and lack of cohesiveness. But overall, we've got more depth, height, quickness and court sense than last year."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Raiders figure to slip with the departure of Sherry Orlosky. But they've shown some good early signs. Kean is playing well in the paint, Valentino is running the offense well and scoring more and Richardson has been great on defense. Newcomers like Smith and Clack may push the team farther than expected. Don't turn the lights out on this group yet.


Coach: Larry Kinsey, fifth year

1989-1990 record: 6-13 overall, 3-11 county.

Returnees: seniors: Heather Jones (C), Lisa Taneyhill (F), Meg Caro (G); junior: Becky Joeckel (G); sophomores: Kelly Butler (G), Laura Taneyhill (G), Shannon Saltzmann (F).

Newcomers to watch: senior: Kim Bahti; junior: Jane Cheri (F); sophomores: Mary Ellen Carullo (G), Sheri Happel (F/C).

Coach's outlook: "My expectations are not that high. I would hope we can come up with a .500 season and look back on the season as a good year."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Eagles are two years removed from a 20-victory season and should make some progress toward that level this year. The maturity of Butler, Joeckel, Saltzmann and Jones should improve their record by several victories alone, and the addition of Bahti could make Centennial surprisingly competitive in the county.


Coach: Barb Wolf, first year

1989-1990 record: 15-9 overall, 9-5 county.

Returnees: seniors: Kate Brinker (G), Shannon McCartney (F), Kara Meissner (G), Kristi Moore (F), Leslie Service (F); juniors: Tanissa Dorsey (G), Sarah Jones (G/F), Jen Leedom (G).

Newcomers to watch: juniors: Michelle Hooker (G), Jessie Marchieano (G), April Pich (G); sophomores: Debbie Snyder (F), Dana Hoffman (F).

Coach's outlook: "Our skill level on offense is very good, and we're a running team. We're quick. We have a lot of good individual defensive players who need to be more of a team. If we can keep teams under 40 points, we're going to win."

Howard County Sun outlook: All-County guard Tanissa Dorsey and a host of well-rounded, experienced players should keep Glenelg in the hunt for a county championship.


Coach: Joe Russo, fifth year

1989-1990 record: 1-21 overall, 0-14 county.

Returnees: seniors: Mary Sly (G), Emily Minah (C); sophomores: Kristen Moraz (F), Jennifer Garlick (G).

Newcomers to watch: senior: Chris Mayer (F); junior: Autumn Barbosa (F); sophomores: Samantha Andersch (F), Shannon Vogel (G); freshmen: Kacey Williams (G), Sonia Kiener (F).

Coach's outlook: "We play real good defense, we really hustle and our bench can hold its own. We need to work on our rebounding and our shooting consistency. We're going to be a lot better than last year."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Bears have the components to be a decent team. Sly, Minah, Moraz and Garlick form a good nucleus, and Williams and Kiener give Hammond a shot of freshman talent that might put a real charge into an offense that struggled to get over 30 points most nights last year.


Coach: Craig O'Connell, third year

1989-1990 record: 11-13 overall, 6-8 county.

Returnees: senior: Kristi Greer (G); juniors: Krista Fulton (F), Emily Petrlik (F); sophomore: Camille Powell (G).

Newcomers to watch: juniors: Kara Gontkovic (F), Julie Bowers (F); sophomores: Sharon Ford (G), Terri Townslay (G), Julie Lovell (C/F).

Coach's outlook: "We want to play a full-court game, and we want to do it as much as possible. We don't have good size inside, which will make it difficult getting those second and third shots. Our quickness has to be a plus, or else we're in for some long nights."

Howard County Sun outlook: Greer and Fulton form one of the league's best inside-outside combinations, and Petrlik and Powell should offer good support. But the Lions will need some great contributions from their suspect bench if they intend to give Mount Hebron and Oakland Mills a good run. Howard should break the .500 mark and could be a playoff surprise.

Mount Hebron

Coach: Dave Greenberg, 13th year

1989-1990 record: 25-1 overall, 14-0 county.

Returnees: seniors: Cescili Drake (G), Andrea Day (F), Christy McCauley (G), Tracy Eckstein (F), Melissa Murdza (G); sophomores: Erica McCauley (G), Sandra Benson (F).

Newcomers to watch: sophomores: Kris Bryant (F), Tierney Clark (F), Lori Pasquantonio (G); freshman: Emily Yanero (G).

Coach's outlook: "We're not that good that we can just show up and win.

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