Day Care Agency Formed

December 16, 1990

A new state agency created to consolidate day care licensing procedures will have positive effects for Carroll, says the county's child care coordinator.

"It reinforces that there is a need for day care, since it is significant enough for the state to form an agency to deal with it," said Leslie Hinebaugh, Carroll's child care coordinator. "There will be more assistance available to the counties."

Hinebaugh said she expects organizational and educational assistance, not financial aid, from the new organization.

The agency, the Child Care Administration, opened last week with the aim of cutting the red tape involved in getting a day care license and improving enforcement of day care regulations.

The organization has sections to handle complaints, training prior to licensing, licensing itself and regulation of subsidy programs.

Hinebaugh said she does not expect her job -- or any other day care coordinators' -- to change, because each county is required to send a representative to the Maryland Child Care Alliance.

The alliance, formerly the Maryland Child Care Task Force, already makes recommendations to state agencies and legislators.

"We will all work together," she said. "I don't see a lot of separation."

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