Potential County Hazardous Waste Sites

December 16, 1990

A total of 29 county sites are on the state's master list of potential hazardous waste sites. Here's a look at what's involved at each site, starting in the northern county and working south.


Explanation: A March 1985 chemical spill by this solid waste hauler forced the evacuation of 1,500 Brooklyn Park residents. Matlack also contaminated 24 private wells by washing off its trucks, allowing toxics and carcinogens into storm drains.

Status: Public water installed. Further clean up under study.

2 SNOW HILL LANE DUMP, North of Beltway Exit 1, Near Snow Hill and Cedar Hill lanes. Explanation: 55-gallon drums containing unidentified hazardous substances found in 1982. Soil contaminated by heavy metals.

Status: Clean up under study.

CURTIS BAY-MARLEY CREEK 3 U.S. GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION, Curtis Bay Depot, 710 Ordnance Road. Explanation: Low-level radioactive waste and debris buried on the site in the early 1970s.

Status: Four drums contaminated with beryllium oxide were removed in 1986. Soil and water samples revealed no environmental threat.

4 CHEMETALS CORP., 711 Pittman Road. Explanation: Hazardous byproducts from manganese refinement were discovered.

Status: Recommended for investigation.

5 B & O RAILROAD LANDFILL, Kembo Road, Foreman's Corner. Explanation: Junk cars, burned-out drums, trash dumped over 20 years.

Status: More extensive investigation due by 1992.


Explanation: An unknown quantity of industrial waste buried here. Test wells contaminated.

Status: Nominated for the EPA's National Priority List for clean up. Result of extensive study by county due next year.

7 ALCO GRAVURE/MAXWELL COMMUNICATIONS, 7364 Baltimore & Annapolis Blvd.

Explanation: High levels of xylene, toulene, ethylbenzene and acetone from leaking storage tanks found in soil. Also concern about potential spills from plant septic system.

Status: Maxwell agreed to clean up site in October 1990.

8 JOY RECLAMATION CO., 6400 Arundel Corporation Road. Explanation: High concentrations of dangerous and toxic metals discovered in 6,000 tons of slag stored here.

Status: Metals removed.

9 BROWNING-FERRIS INDUSTRIES, Solley Road Landfill, Speakes and Solley Roads. Explanation: A hazardous waste dump from 1978 to 1982. Carcinogens discovered in some ground water in 1984. But no drinking wells affected to date.

Status: BFI completing studies needed to begin 25-year clean up this year.

PASADENA 10 FRESH POND, Forest Glen Drive. Explanation: A citizen reported that paint cans had been buried in a community pond.

Status: Tests, excavations revealed no suspect wastes.

11 OLD HALL'S DUMP, Woods Road near Route 100 and Magothy Bridge Road.

Explanation: Deteriorated 55-gallon drums found near a discolored stream and new homes in 1985.

Status: More extensive state study due by 1994.

12 FORT SMALLWOOD CONTROL AND LAUNCH, Along Old Nike Missile Road and Fort Smallwood. Explanation: Federal government studying all abandoned Nike Missile silos. Chemicals used in maintenance have contaminated other sites.

Status: No contamination of test wells. Further study planned.

HARMANS 13 MID-ATLANTIC WOOD PRESERVERS, Shipley Avenue. Explanation: Wood preservative found in a Shipley Avenue resident's well water in 1978.

Copper chromium arsenate also discovered in small concentrations throughout Mid-Atlantic's property.

Status: Firm forced to remove 26 cubic yards of contaminated soil in 1978. Placed on EPA's National Priority List, 1986. Remedy still being discussed.

14 KOP-FLEX INC., 101 Harmans Road. Explanation: This plant has produced transmission components and housing for heavy machinery since 1967, generating a waste solvent in the process.

Status: The waste solvent is properly contained, labeled and shipped the state Department of the Environment ruled in 1989. No further action recommended.


Explanation: EPA mistook the address of BFI's post office box as the location of a hazardous waste landfill.

Status: Federal law prohibits a site from ever being removed from the list.

ODENTON 16 VECTRA CORP., 8305 Telegraph Road. Explanation: Low levels of solvents discovered in isolated soil samples. Status: No further action planned.

17 AMTEK INC., 8335 Telegraph Road. Explanation: 900 gallons of solvents were stored here in 55 gallon drums.

Status: Barrels removed in 1980; no environmental hazard detected.

18 v,18NEVAMAR CORP., 8339 Telegraph Road. Explanation: Used as drum disposal site before Nevamar acquired it.

Status: Drums excavated and sent to Solley Road landfill (see No. 7). No hazardous wastes found.

19 FORT GEORGE G. MEADE. Explanation: An unknown number of unexploded shells and unmeasured quantities of unknown hazardous substances buried here. Violated landfill and hazardous waste storage laws in 1980s.

Status: Army clean-up plan due next year.

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