New Polls Considered

December 16, 1990

WESTMINSTER - City Council members will consider at their next meeting adding a polling place for the May 1991 election.

Election records have nearly doubled this year since the city adopted the county's rolls under the election laws adopted by the Maryland General Assembly last session, Mayor W. Benjamin Brown said at the last council meeting.

Citizen interest prompted Brown's request for a second city polling place.

Other items the council will discuss at its meeting tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall are:

* Progress on the city manager appointment. Preliminary interviews were still being conducted last week, and committee members don't plan to have a candidate until after the first of the year, council president Kenneth J.

Hornberger said.

* Carroll County Cab rates and a proposal to allow owner-operated taxis within city limits.

* Appointments to the parking committee and the appointment of a probationary police officer.

* Citizen parking concerns on James Street.

* A right of way for Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. at the wastewater treatment plant.

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