December 16, 1990


From: Mel Tansill

Director Media & Community Relations United Way of Central Md.

Thank you for your Dec. 9 coverage of our fund-raising campaign in Carroll County.

We appreciate your work, especially the angle you developed about United Way service recipients.

We look forward to reporting our final campaign results to your newspaper in two months.


From: C. William Knill

President Carroll County Farm Bureau

On behalf of the Carroll County Farm Bureau Board of Directors and membership, I express our appreciation to your publication, The Carroll County Sun, for assigning your agriculture staff writer, Kerry O'Rourke, to the Maryland Farm Bureau convention held Dec. 2-5 and allowing her to cover the activities first-hand.

We commend Ms. O'Rourke for the dedication and interest she has given in covering news of the agricultural community. She has our respect as being a very professional journalist.

Thank you for all the coverage over the past year given to the activities of the agri-business community, 4-H, FFA, Grange and Farm Bureau.


From: Wayne Cogswell


As one of the Maryland representatives for the Academic Year in America program of the American Institute for Foreign Study Scholarship Foundation, I would like to share with readers of this newspaper a special gift-giving idea this holiday season.

Perhaps a family in this community would like to give the gift of their home town to a young visitor from abroad!

The AYA program gives foreign teen-agers a chance to live and study in the United States and so discover what America really is. Most students come for the school year but a few choose to spend just the second semester here. A group of these five-month students will arrive on Jan. 17.

The semester program is especially popular with young people from Brazil, our colorful, musical neighbor to the south. It may interest readers to know that in addition to providing us with most of the world's coffee and sugar cane and one-fifth of the world's oxygen, produced in the vast Amazon basin, Brazil also "exports" some of our most friendly and charming exchange students.

While Portuguese is their native language, all have studied English and expect to carry a full course load at their public high school. Students have their own pocket money and are covered by full medical insurance.

If any local family would like to add an international dimension to their gift giving, they might extend an invitation to one of these boys or girls to join their family in January. I have applications of several students who hope to live in Maryland next semester. Please call me at 751-1342, or the AYA/AIFS national office in Connecticut at (800) 322-4678, before Christmas.

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