Jackie Collins on bouffants, billboards, the Bushes LET'S DO LUNCH

December 16, 1990|By Ryan Murphy | Ryan Murphy,Knight-Ridder News Service

In the wonderful world of celebrity, lunch is more than just a meal -- it's an opportunity for grand conversation. Who better to kick off this column than Jackie Collins, who spends nights eavesdropping at such eateries as Spago, then arises the next morning to catalog every last smidgen of dirt on a yellow legal tablet.

The scribblings eventually become best-selling books. Her new book, "Lady Boss," is the sequel to "Lucky." Both books chronicle the fast life of Lucky Santangelo, a tough, beautiful Italian who takes on Hollywood and wins!


Q: If you could be any color of lipstick, which color would you be?

Ms. Collins: Bronze. It's appealing. Scarlet is so tacky. I like tawny-looking makeup.

Q: Do you floss?

A: I don't. I just don't have time! I do, however, import toothpaste from London. Whenever I go to London, I come back with 12 tubes at a time! It's a very glamorous toothpaste.

Q: What happened to all the jungle wear/leopard-print clothing you used to wear?

A: I was one of the first to wear leopard skin, you know. Well, fake leopard became terribly popular around a year ago. I have a distinct style, and I never wear what others are wearing, so I've put those clothes aside. I'll wait till it comes out of fashion. I was in Elle a few issues back, however, and this very presumptuous journalist who thought she knew it all, sort of had a bad opinion about my leopard prints. And then you open up

that very issue, and there's a 12-page fashion section on leopard-skin fashion. I thought, "What nerve!"

Q: You have one of the biggest hairdos in Hollywood. What's the secret behind your towering bouffant?

A: Big hair is all about teasing. I go to a wonderful hairdresser once a week, and he teases the hell out of it. And I use Paul Mitchell hair spray. Once you spray that stuff on, your hair will stay put even in a gale force wind! It's wonderful.

Q: There's a huge billboard of your face that touts your pTC publishing accomplishments on Sunset Boulevard. What do you think when you drive by that 20-foot image of yourself?

I think, "Gee, I hope the person in the next car doesn't see me!" I keep my head down and just rush through that light.

Q: What's one food item that you can't live without?

A: Frozen Reese's Peanut-butter Cups. Delicious!

Q: If you had to sell your books with only one sentence, what would your pitch be?

A: If you want to find out what's really going on in Hollywood today, read my books because they tell the truth.

Q: What part of your body makes you gag?

A: I'm satisfied with everything. I'm a great believer in self-confidence.

Q: If you could be any part of Madonna's body . . .

A: (Interrupts) Her mind. She's very sharp, isn't she?

Q: Do you think Bush is doing a good job?

A: I don't think he should be off playing golf when there's a war going on, that's for sure. That peeved me off. I found it insulting. But Barbara seems like a lot of fun . . .

Q: What's the meanest thing you ever did to your sister, Joan?

A: Well, once when we were teen-agers, she did something to annoy me and I went into her closet and cut all the buttons off her clothes. She screamed to Mother, and then the next week, went off to Hollywood and became a movie star.

Q: When your husband reads your books, does he ever say, "Jackie, about that one sex scene in the Jacuzzi with the five women . . ."

A: My husband would never dare criticize my sex scenes.

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