From Cramped To Convenient


December 16, 1990|By Yolanda Garfield

Fells Point designer Dan Huber of Huber Design Associates is well-known for transforming tight spots into livable residences. The living room/kitchen in this 13- by 30-foot row house was treated to the Huber hocus-pocus when its owner complained of having eating room for only one.

There was no question of creating a formal dining space -- there was simply no room. With intensive remodeling, however, the new kitchen boasts sit-down space for four. Although it isn't formal dining, the counter dining space can be moodily, even romantically, lit, thanks to a variety of incandescent lights, including that from the inside of a glass-doored cabinet.

Because the kitchen is part of the living room, Mr. Huber chose Woodmode cabinets in a dove-gray, semi-transparent stain for its fine-furniture look.

The latest in appliances and space-saving devices makes this kitchen as practical as it is good-looking. A formerly unusable area over the window has been turned into a wine rack; kidney-shaped, slide-out drawers offer access to the corner cabinet, and pull-out cutting boards are an integral part of the base cabinet.

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