WHENwinter comeswill Warbe far behind?Fear is here,even as...

December 15, 1990|By Elizabeth Burgard Yesterday's Christmas toy soldiers stand ready on the shelves of junk shops paint half worn off the little boy wars played out years ago and these are the survivors the dumb stares at the half-remembering eyes that file by on a Saturday on a Saturday with the word ''war'' again in the newspapers Dan Cuddy


winter comes

will War

be far behind?

Fear is here,

even as we look

to branches bare, dream them

covered in snow's peace; even

as we breathe the sharp, cold air,

raise trembling vision to the Star

of David, the Star of Bethlehem,

the desert is there.


waits beneath the surface of all

we do; we see the Middle East become

the new Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Holocaust;

children erased, never to see their

progeny, betrayed by munition pimps excused by

greed and the creed;

an enemy

of an enemy is a friend. Horror marches

when not displaced by Peace, then the

world powers refuse to practice prevention

which could secure the end of all the cures

called War.

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