Three using ruse rob restaurant Youth captured with bag of money

December 13, 1990

Baltimore County police are searching for two robbers who posed as new employees to gain access to the work area of a McDonald's restaurant near Westview last night.

One of the youths wore a company shirt, then pulled a handgun as he and his accomplice, wearing a blue ski jacket, mingled with about 12 employees.

A third suspect, who was captured with $2,950 taken from the restaurant in the 5600 block of Baltimore National Pike, was held on $250,000 bail set today by District Court Judge Charles E. Foos in Catonsville District Court.

Dion Scruggs, 17, of the 1300 block of Woodington Road in the city, allegedly fell off a fence while fleeing police officers who were called to the restaurant. He was holding a sawed-off shotgun, police said, and broke his nose in the fall. Officers could not catch the two other suspects, police spokesman Sgt. Steve Doarnberger said.

Doarnberger said the two posing as new workers entered the restaurant around 9 p.m. and were told to go to the back. A third man stood outside with a shotgun. A passer-by saw the gun, and a mask the youth was wearing, and called police.

Once inside, the two ordered about 12 employees into a basement and then took the two managers to an office, where they forced them to turn over money from the safe. All three suspects fled when police arrived, Doarnberger said.

No shots were fired. Police said the gunman scaling a fence caught his foot and fell to the ground on the opposite side and was injured. He was captured and a blue canvas bag containing the money was recovered. Scruggs was charged as an adult with armed robbery and using a handgun in the commission of a felony. Police said Scruggs also is wanted for at least two armed robberies in the city.

Scruggs was treated for his broken nose at St. Agnes Hospital in Catonsville before he was taken to jail.

Near the restaurant, police discovered a car found to be stolen, parked with its motor running. They speculated the thieves used it.

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