Prophet Is Creamed By The Point Spread

Prophet Pat

December 13, 1990

In the Prophet's first week picking high school hoops, the rage of a sage gave you the winner in every game, but his record was 3-3.

Yes, his six-pack of hot picks had three teams who didn't cover the Prophet's exclusive point spread.

As the Prophet has told you many, many times, picking the winners in boys and girls basketball is a breeze, but to pick them by the number of points is another story. And you know the sage, he loves a challenge and, therefore, makes it tough on himself by requiring the team he picks to win by as many points or more than he predicts.

Looking back on last week's 3-3 card, which leaves the Prophet at a more-than-respectable 79-31 (.718 pct.) since the start of the school year, Annapolis, Meade and Arundel all came through. The Annapolis boys hoop team and its high-octane offense outran Parkdale of Prince George's County, 110-101, behind that 50-point explosion by Dennis Edwards.

Prophet had Annapolis by two points as well as Meade over Broadneck in boys play. Meade downed the Bruins, 45-42.

Arundel hit the bull's eye by defeating winless North County, 53-50. The sage had the Wildcats by three points.

As for the misses, Broadneck and Southern's boys and the North County girls all just missed for the Prophet.

Broadneck nipped Severna Park Tuesday night, 57-56, but not by the five points predicted, while Southern edged Old Mill, 73-71, on a three-point bomb by Chris Thomas at the buzzer. Prophet Pat had taken Southern by four points. The North County girls were expected to handle Chesapeake by 10 points or more, but it was only nine, 45-36.

So, as a result of just missing a 6-0 slate, the Prophet has made a few minor adjustments to his crystal ball and big TV screen to get ready for this week.


Annapolis (3-0) at Severna Park (1-2)

"Game of the Week?" 7:30 p.m. Friday. The Prophet is not sure if this is the "Game of the Week" or not because he has a strong feeling that "Little Navy," as the host Falcons like to refer to themselves, are going to sink.

Severna Park has lost two in a row, including Tuesday night's 57-56 decision to Broadneck while trying to play Annapolis style -- run and stun, non-stop, up and down that hardwood.

It's doubtful the Falcons will be able to keep up with those jack rabbits from Riva Road. Of course, one might say that Annapolis is in a slump, too, after scoring 95 points and 110 in its first two wins over Meade (95-59) and Parkdale (110-101), and then falling off to 90 Tuesday at Queen Anne's (90-70).

But Fighting Panther fans need not fear because of some previously undisclosed information the Prophet has for this game. The rage of a sage has learned through one of his spies that Annapolis coach John Brady has added a couple more guns to his already potent arsenal.

Rich Naylor and Marvin Brown came off injured reserve Wednesday and will play their first game tomorrow night. Naylor is a 6-foot-1 senior guard while Brown is a 5-10 junior guard. They give the Fighting Panthers depth.

With the frenzied pace they play -- "84 feet for 32 minutes" -- some of the guys need a breather once in a while.

The Prophet is predicting a major blowout with Little Navy putting up the white flags and calling for help aboard a sinking ship early. Also, the sage has a hunch that this will be the night that Dennis Edwards breaks Mike Thibeault's county record of 52 points in a game that he set playing for Glen Burnie last year.

Annapolis plus 12 (just in case) over Severna Park.

ARUNDEL (2-1) AT MEADE (2-1)

7 p.m. Friday. This shapes up as a great game for the Battle of Route 175 I. It's the first of two meetings between these two and should be a good one.

They have identical records and each is coming together as a team.

Arundel took a 53-50 thriller over North County (0-3) Tuesday while the Mustangs hammered Glen Burnie, 58-45.

In terms of height and speed, the two teams match up pretty well, but Meade is home and Ron Hubbard is coming on. Hubbard, a 6-4 senior forward, scored 21 points Tuesday in the Glen Burnie victory.

Meade plays better defense and that will be the difference.

Meade plus 2 over Arundel.


7 p.m. Friday. Hoorah for the first-year Knights and their rookie coach, Brad Wilson. They will get that first win tomorrow night.

Yes, after three straight losses on the road to open their inaugural season, the Knights will prosper from the electricity in the air as the boys team plays its first-ever home game. The fans will be pumped and so will the players.

North County is due and what better prescription to shake the blues than to be home for the first time. Knight fans can look for a big night from C.J. Prince and a memorable victory.

Steve Strauss, the visiting Eagles' 6-3 senior guard, will keep it close, but in the end . . .

North County plus 1 over Northeast.


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