Bowling Can Bring Family Together -- And 'Split' It Up


December 13, 1990|By Donald G. Vitek

"Everyone enjoys it," Betty Moore said of the Sunday morning Youth-Adult League at Fair Lanes Southdale. "The kids really enjoy bowling with mom and dad and the parents can bowl without any pressure on them."

Moore, her husband Dave and her two daughters, Melinda and Jennifer, make up two of the teams in the league, so there are times when the mother-daughter team of Betty and Jenny face Dave and Mindy in the league play.

And Betty says, "We enjoy it as a family. We look forward to bowling as a family." She added that there are not many things that a family can do together where they can meet on equal terms.

When you use handicaps, Dave Moore's 147 average doesn't overpower 9-year-old Jenny even with her 84 average. Jenny has been bowling for four years and attends Broadneck Elementary where she's in the fourth grade.

Mindy, 13, has a 99 average and attends Severn River Junior High, where she's in the eighth grade. She has been bowling for about five years and has a high game of 147 with a high set of 366.

Dave Moore has the league's high handicap single game with a 244 game.

He works for the Baltimore Gas and Electric Co.

Betty Moore works for the county school system. She has a 143 average, a high game of 197 (one open frame cost her a 200 game) and a 510 series. And she's been the secretary for the youth bowlers for four years at Southdale.

Betty and Dave also bowl in the Friday Mixed League at Southdale.

Is it expensive for the family to bowl together? Not really. It's $13 per team with prize money coming at the end of the league year. Even better this year, someone donated trophies for the league so the money that usually would be spent on them will pay for the kids' outing at the end of the year.

Seems like everyone is a winner in this league.


If you would rather bowl in an adult league but still have a lot of fun, there's the Sunday morning NFL league at Fair Lane Southdale.

This is a league where averages will range from two-digit scores to 200 scores. At the end of the league year, each player can select either a bowling ball or a jacket, each baring the NFL logo.

Frances Griffin describes the league as the family league. Her husband, Robert, an IRS employee, doesn't bowl any more because of an eye problem, but Frances bowls with her brother-in-law Mike Griffin and her baby sitter, Mary May Smith, as the Redskin team.

Frances has been bowling about 10 years and carries a 160 average with a high game of 259 and a high series of 597. "I'm still waiting for that 600 set," she said.

She works for the Valu Food store chain in Hanover and lives in Glen Burnie.

So, how much does it cost to bowl and get a free bowling ball or free jacket? Ten dollars a week in the league that runs for 36 weeks.

There's still room for an entire five-member team or for two single bowlers. Just stop in at Fair Lanes Southdale or call Frances Griffin at 768-6547 to join.

You'll have fun -- and that's what bowling is all about.


Carl Files Jr., who averages 129 in duckpins, had games of 156, 144 and 166 for a 466 series in the Sun Valley Mixed League at Riviera Bowl.

Wendy Young, who averages 122 bowling in the Sun Valley Mixed League with the Bristo Stompers team, had a 165 game and a 407 series.

Chuck Davis of the Road Runner team in the Sun Valley Mixed League had a 160 game, 384 series.

Those three are bowlers of the month for the Sun Valley Mixed.

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