Decades of Sinatra

It's your call

December 13, 1990

Most of Frank Sinatra's countless fans were probably too busy yesterday listening to Ol' Blue Eyes' recordings -- in honor of the singer's 75th birthday -- to be overly concerned about our "It's Your Call" question regarding which decade yielded Sinatra's best music.

Still, 169 presumably stalwart fans did call to express their opinion on whether it was the '40s, '50s or '60s that represent the high point in Sinatra's illustrious career, which actually spans six decades.

According to the majority of callers (64), it was Sinatra's "saloon singing" '50s that came out on top. Slightly fewer respondents (51) believe the singer did his best work in the '60s, when he recorded such tunes as "Fly Me to the Moon" and "September of my Years." And 32 callers fondly remember the young Sinatra of the '40s, who crooned "I'll Never Smile Again" for the bobby sox set. Twenty-two callers registered an "other" vote.

"It's Your Call" represents a sampling of opinions from certain segments of the community, but it is not balanced demographically as would be done in a scientific public opinion poll.

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