Redskins re-hire giant Buckeye

December 12, 1990|By Jack Mann

HERNDON, Va. -- The biggest Redskin is back, sort of.

Presumably encouraged by 310-pound Joe Jacoby's recent capering as a guard, Washington management today re-signed Tom Moxley, the 320-pound rookie guard they cut in training camp.

Moxley was signed only for the practice squad, but apparently has a future. He is 23 years old and he made it to the 60-man squad cut in August.

At 6-7 the biggest lineman who ever played for Ohio State, Moxley was a ninth-round draft choice, 243rd overall. He played the second-highest number of minutes on the Buckeyes' 1989 squad.

Moxley has spent the intervening time doing construction work and "trying to keep in shape" by working out.

To make room on the practice squad the Redskins released Rico Labbe, the safety from Boston College who was a fourth-round pick this year.

Scott Beavers, the offensive lineman picked up on waivers to replace injured tackle Ed Simmons, was approved to practice, but there is little chance he will play at New England Saturday.

Eleven-year veteran center Jeff Bostic saw "very little chance" Beavers could acquaint himself with Washington's complex offensive system in a couple of days.

Beavers, a 6-4, 277-pound rookie from Georgia Tech, was on and off the Denver Broncos' roster until last week, when he was cut to re-activate injured running back Steve Sewell.

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