Farms Are Preserved

December 12, 1990

WESTMINSTER - The Carroll County Commissioners approved 23 properties for the farmland preservation program last week, but only after Commissioner Julia Gouge first expressed concerns over two farms.

One of the farms, a 50-acre property south of Shiloh Road near Hampstead, had been subdivided in the past, Gouge said. Bill Powel, county administrator for farm preservation, said some lots north of Shiloh Road had been sold, but the south parcel was considered separate.

A second property, 60 acres near Wakefield Valley Road, is contiguous to New Windsor, and Gouge expressed concern about sealing the town's corporate borders.

Powel said again that it was not state or county policy to reject farms contiguous to towns when they are zoned for agriculture. The county planner for the town, Steve Horn, also had no objections to preserving the farm.

Last Thursday's approval of the 23 farms brings up the land in farm preservation in Carroll to 40,000 acres. The county's goal is 100,000 acres in farmland, or about a third of Carroll's land area.

The other properties approved are: David D. and Louann C. Baugher, 1426 Crouse Mill Road; Helen V.

Seiler, et al., 845 N. Gorsuch Road; Helen V. Seiler, 2735 Shiloh Road; Herbert and Mary Lou Pletcher, 5328 Bowers Road; Dorothy I. Strickhouser, 4866 Harney Road; Myron and Laura Frock, 1440 Bollinger Road; John Edward Van Brunt, 2588 Marston Road; Grace E. Krumrine, 23.33 acres at 4900 Geeting Road.

Also, Cletus E. and Estella J. Krumrine, 4900 Geeting Road; Richard and Carole Janney, 3800 Wine Road; Charles E. Conover, 4126 McMullen Road; Robert B. Christiansen Sr., et al., 3500 W. Falls Road; Lawrence E. Meeks, 4800 Arters Mill Road; George C. Fritz, 2302 Old New Windsor Pike; Daniel and Sharon Fritz, 2117 Old New Windsor Pike.

Also, Kathryn E. Hockensmith and Leah K. Sholl, 2405 Crouse Mill Road; Joseph A. and Nona B. Schwartzbeck, 4330 Bark Hill Road; John H. and Elinor M. Hull, 995 Pinch Valley Road; Steven C. and Pamela Rosewag, 5209 Bowers Road; Wilfred C. and Ann L. Wright, 4600 Alesia Road; Lewis D. Hood Jr., 143 N. Gorsuch Road.

Also, Thomas C. and Deborah Kay Davis, 6625 Keysville Road; Rauland H. Roop, et al., 4209 Sams Creek Road; and Earl S. Bell, nine acres in Carroll County of a Frederick County farm at 14842 Sixes Bridge Road.

Final approval for the properties must come from the Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation. Such approval usually is just a formality.

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