Boys Hoops, Team By Team

December 12, 1990


Coach: Jim Albert (11th year) 1989-1990 record: 15-10 overall, 7-7 league.

Returnees: Seniors Jermaine Reynolds (F), David Snyder (F), Kori Hunter (G), Sean Young (G), Sean Savoy (F), Brent Reinke (C); junior Marvin Plunkett (C).

Newcomers to watch: Juniors Brian Van Deusen (G), Brian Smith (G/F), Chris Poe (G), Shane Flynn (F); sophomore Troy Samuels (G).

Coach's outlook: "We should be competitive and a .500 record is realistic."

The Howard County Sun's outlook: The Raiders are strong in the front court with Reynolds and Snyder, but must depend on junior varsity grads in the backcourt. A .500 record was good enough for a three-way tie for third place in the league last year. The Raiders must work hard to finish as high this year.


Coach: Jim Hill (seventh year) 1989-1990 record: 7-13 overall, 3-11 league.

Returnees: Seniors Chad Harris (G), Sean Barth (F), Austin Groves (G), John Bean (G), John Myers (C).

Newcomers to watch: Juniors Charlie Stewart (F), Tod Downen (G), Sean West (F); sophomore Damian Biggs (F).

Coach's outlook: "We should be competitive with every team. This is one of our more talented teams."

The Howard County Sun's outlook: The Eagles' junior varsity was excellent last year and the team will go as far as those JV grads can carry it. The Eagles should be somewhere in the middle of the pack, maybe higher.


Coach: Terry Coleman (10th year).

1989-1990 record: 14-10 overall, 7-7 league.

Returnees: Seniors Juan Dorsey (F), Mike D'Andrea (G), Jeff Snyder (F), Jeff Hobbs (F), Kevin McDermott (C), Lee Miller (G), Mark Dalton (F).

Newcomers to watch: Juniors Jeff Slack (F), Kevin Roland (F), Craig Flurry (G).

Coach's outlook: The Gladiators lack experience and will be battling to stay out of last place in a strong, well-balanced league.


Coach: Jack Burke (sixth year).

1989-1990 record: 19-8 overall, 10-4 league. (Region II, Class 2A champs, state finalist) Returnees: Seniors Kyle Jefferson (F), Adam Walker (G), Tom Costell (G), Karl Williams (F), Mike Sanders (F), Greg Keiner (C), Ira Burcham (C).

Newcomers to watch: Juniors Richard Williamson (C), Andrew Teteh (F), James Grant (G), Simeon Greene (G); sophomore Chris Jefferson (G).

Coach's outlook: "Graduation hit us hard, but we'll be competitive if our younger players develop."

The Howard County Sun's outlook: The Bears are the perennial runner-ups in the county but have made it to the state finals the last two years. They could drop a notch to third place in the league, but have another good shot at the state playoffs.


Coach: Richard Jenkins (second year).

1989-1990 record: 6-14 overall, 5-9 league.

Returnees: Seniors Alex Sutton (G), Tony Troy (G), Dax Matthews (F), Paul Curry (G), Eric Sommerville (C), James Green (C), Tim Day (C); junior David Doy (F).

Newcomers to watch: Senior Ermundo Russell (F); juniors David Jones (G), Yaphet Oliphant (G).

Coach's outlook: "We'll improve on last year, but we won't dominate anyone. We must play as a team. One or two players can't carry us."

The Howard County Sun's outlook: If everyone is healthy, especially Tim Day, the Lions could be a first division team and maybe make the playoffs.


Coach: Chuck Monninger (12th year).

1989-1990 record: 8-14 overall, 5-9 league.

Returnees: Seniors Derrick Dorsey (G), Kevin Klinedinst (G), Bob Sites (G), Mark Jantac (F), Chris Vissers (F/G), Pat Gibbons (G); junior Jim Zurad (C).

Newcomers to watch: Senior Andre Johnson (F/G); junior Dominick DiVita; sophomore Phil Tonkins (G/F).

Coach's outlook: "We have the potential to do well, but must overcome a lack of quickness."

The Howard County Sun's outlook: After a three-year retirement from coaching, Monninger returns to a veteran team with the talent to finish in the first division and make the playoffs.


Coach: Dave Appleby (ninth year).

1989-1990 record: 22-2 overall, 13-1 league. (County champs; Region I, Class 3A champs; State Class 3A champs.) Returnees: Seniors Carruthers Gant (G), Travis Williams (G), Joe Coughlan (G ); sophomore Mark Terry (C).

Newcomers to watch: Senior Charles Daniels; juniors Greg Washington (F), Kelly Sykes (F).

Coach's outlook: "We have some major talent. We just have to get it to play together."

The Howard County Sun's outlook: The Scorpions usually don't rebuild, they reload, and are again the team to beat for county and state titles.


Coach: Paul Ellis (second year).

1989-1990 record: 11-11 overall, 7-7 league.

Returnees: Seniors Joe Guyton (G), Randy Miller (F), Phil Chenier (F), Dave Friedman (G), Adam Tyer (F), Eric Sutton (G); juniors George Bradford (G), Brent Guyton (F/C).

Newcomers to watch: Juniors James Easterly (F/C), Matt Nesbitt (G), Ira Crowley (F), Pat Brown (F).

Coach's outlook: "We have a veteran team that will be competitive. We should be able to play with everyone."

The Howard County Sun's outlook: This is Wilde Lake's best opportunity to win a county title in recent years, and its best chance to go to states since the Wildecats won in 1985.

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