TV actor visits local comedy club


December 12, 1990|By LAURA CHARLES

LAUGH IN: Michael Price, the actor who played Skippy, Michael J. Fox's dweeb sidekick on TV's "Family Ties," made a surprise visit to the downtown Comedy Factory Outlet the other night. Wearing red sneakers and striped polo shirt, the 22-year-old New Yorker, who jokingly described his character Skippy as the "stud muffin" of the show, revealed the question he gets asked most by fans: "Hey, Skippy, did ya ever do Mallory?" "Michael J. Fox winds up a major star," he shrugged, "and I end up on Super Password!"

IF CHRISTMAS SHOPPING is driving you, ah, batty, here's a nifty suggestion for the sports fans on your list. The Baltimore Orioles' Cal Ripken Jr. has donated 250 autographed baseball bats to the Baltimore City Literacy Corporation's Baltimore Reads Inc., which they're selling for $25 bucks a pop -- tax deductible! Call Heather Campbell at 752-3595 to order.

STAR GAZING: Be sure to tune in to the TV show "Doctor, Doctor" tomorrow night at 9:30 p.m. on Channel 2 but don't blink or you might miss performances by a couple of local notables. Seems creator-producer Norman Steinberg, a Forest Park High grad whose credits include "Blazing Saddles" and "My Favorite Year," coaxed a couple of his good-natured buddies, attorney Gary Huddles and Quality Liquor's Herb Kasoff, into appearing in an episode he was directing. Huddles plays a patient who doctors refuse to examine, while Kasoff plays a hillbilly from Baltimore.

QUICK STUFF: Towson State prof, Dr. Richard Vatz, appeared on the "Donahue" the other morning discussing the validity of the recent Kinsey sex survey testing Americans' basic knowledge of sex. . . . WJZ-TV's Marty Bass and wife Sharon are the proud parents of a new baby girl -- their first -- named Savannah Lee.

SEEN AT THE MOVIES: Among the impressive crowd at Steve Yeager's world premiere of "On The Block" Monday were Brian Raymond and Mary Bell Grempler; John and Debbie Sullivan; Rebecca Reeves and Chris Emry; Bonnie and Bill Wilson; John Waters, Pat Moran and actor Dave Klein.

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