Becton DickinsonRuth Alon, Kidder, Peabody, likes Becton...


December 12, 1990|By Opinions on stocks offered by investment experts. Compiled by Steve Halpern for Knight Ridder.

Becton Dickinson

Ruth Alon, Kidder, Peabody, likes Becton Dickinson (BDX, NYSE around $76).

"Becton Dickinson makes a broad range of products for use by health care professionals, medical researchers and the general public. Over the past four quarters, the firm has produced encouraging results . . .

"We have raised our estimates for 1991; we now look for earnings of $5.30 a share. As a result of this renewed growth, we rate the stock a buy. Our price target for the stock is in the mid-80s."

St. Jude Medical

Edward Mutsch, Piper, Jaffray & Hopwood, likes St. Jude Medical (STJM, OTC, around $36).

"St. Jude is the leading supplier of mechanical heart values. Since being founded in 1976, the firm's values have been implanted in about 300,000 patients . . .

"The company is well on its way to a fifth consecutive year of record earnings and revenues . . . The firm's balance sheet continues to be exemplary. We recommend purchase of these shares by capital gains-oriented investors."

American Medical

The Low Priced Stock Survey recommends American Medical Electronics (AMEI, OTC, around $12).

"American Medical Electronics pioneered the emerging market for medical products that stimulate bone growth . . . The nature of bone-growth stimulaters helps to avoid the risks of surgery. Operating results were outstanding in the September quarter.

"As a market leader, American Medical is well-positioned to capitalize on its substantial opportunities . . . the firm offers long-term investors exciting growth prospects."

Cabot Medical

Street Smart Investing turns thumbs up on Cabot Medical (CBOT, OTC around $9).

"Cabot Medical specializes in laparoscope systems that allow surgeons to view internal organs through a small incision . . .

"The stock is a favorite of Friess Associates, which placed first in performance among a group of 228 money managers over the past five years . . .

"In fiscal 1991, sales are expected to double to $46 million, with earnings rising to 50 to 60 cents a share."

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