A father's view of the conflict in the gulfDo we have a...

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December 10, 1990

A father's view of the conflict in the gulf

Do we have a name for "bounce-around" failure politicians?

Charles Johnston


County's finest

As I drove by the heavily trafficked corner of Sudbrook and Old Court, two teen-age girls were standing in the rain giggling as they watched a Baltimore County policeman change the tire on their car. Is this in a cop's job description?

Joe Pachino


Between the lines

What page of your paper d'ya read?

TV page, Dec. 4: "... the most ballyhooed Monday Night Football game in years was a pure stinkeroo."

Sports page, Dec. 4: "You call something 'The Game of the Year' and you usually get a stinker of epic proportions. Not this time. 'This was the best football game I've seen in my nine years associated with the National Football League,' 49ers offensive guard Bubba Paris declared afterward. He had a point."

George N. Lucas


Playing with fire

Where is it written that when there is a threat of economic recession (or even collapse), taxes should be raised?

The spend-to-the-end philosophy of Maryland politicians is like filling fire extinguishers with gasoline. Blitzing the working class with more tax burden when they fear for their jobs is like using these same gas-filled extinguishers to quell a fire already out of control. Of course, if it is politicians that are blazing, what harm can a bit of fuel be?

Ronald L. Dowling


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