'Tis a wonderful season, what with carolers crooning, cash...


December 10, 1990|By Fort Worth Star-Telegram

'Tis a wonderful season, what with carolers crooning, cash registers ringing and folks getting that slightly crazed, holidazed feeling. We'll try to help -- or at least give you a few seasonal laughs along the way -- in The Sun.

Ready the baking sheets for a visit from St. Nosh

What's a nice Jewish girl like Rose Levy Beranbaum doing writing a book about Christmas cookies?

For one thing, she's following up on her first book "The Cake Bible," named top book of 1988 by the International Association of Cooking Professionals. But the other reason for writing "Rose's Christmas Cookies" goes much deeper.

"Religions really are very much alike," Ms. Beranbaum said. "Being kind to your neighbor is not something that is only Christian or Jewish.

"I look at this book something like the work of Max Bruch. Bruch wrote the music that is used during Yom Kippur, and I had always assumed that he was Jewish. But he was actually a Protestant composer who wrote the music as a gift to the Jewish community. This cookbook is really my gift to the Christian community."

The four-color cookbook published by William Morrow Co. ($19.95) has been well-received by the food press. It includes recipes for Mom's Coconut Kisses, Christmas Wreaths and Mahogany Buttercrunch Toffee.

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