Bum Bowl IJoe Juliano of The Philadelphia Inquirer gets...

Fumbles and follies

December 09, 1990|By Vito Stellino

Bum Bowl I

Joe Juliano of The Philadelphia Inquirer gets credit for dubbing the Phoenix Cardinals' 20-17 victory over the Indianapolis Colts last week Bum Bowl I.

Here's his explanation: "Move over, Bud Bowl. The Cardinals and Colts brought you the first version of the Bum Bowl, named in honor of the last two owners -- Bill Bidwill of Phoenix and Robert Irsay of Indianapolis -- to move their franchises to another city.

"Heck, while it was only the 10th meeting of the two clubs since 1961, it marked the fourth different city the series has been played in -- counting St. Louis and Baltimore, the last loyal homes of the Cardinals [gone in 1988] and Colts [outta there in 1984]. The game drew another boffo crowd to 72,608-seat Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Ariz. -- 31,885. In club history, that topped only the 30,110 who had the nerve to come out and watch the Cards play the Patriots on Nov. 25.

"Those who did show were treated to a bizarre climax -- Marcus Turner's 21-yard touchdown run with a lateral after Cedric Mack's interception of Colts quarterback Jeff George -- that gave the Cardinals the victory.

"They were happy in Phoenix. And in Baltimore, too."

Is he suggesting that Baltimore fans would gloat about the Colts pratfalls? Perish the thought.

The Don and Buddy Show

Don't look for Don Shula and Buddy Ryan to exchange warm handshake after tonight's Philadelphia Eagles-Miami Dolphins game.

Shula still is seething because Ryan called for a 40-yar field-goal attempt with one second left against the Dolphins in an exhibition game, even though he had a 20-14 lead. Ryan said his field-goal kicker needed work.

Shula said: "It's something we'll remember. That's Buddy. . . . I didn't surprise me coming from him."

Ryan said: "I'm glad he follows my career -- much more closel than I do his, I'll tell you that."


After linebacker Jimmy Williams was thrown off the Detroit Lions by coach Wayne Fontes for having a temper tantrum on the sidelines when he was yanked against the Chicago Bears, he unloaded on Fontes.

"The worst thing that ever happened to Wayne Fontes is h became the head football coach of the Detroit Lions," Williams said. "He has lost touch with his players. . . . He's so wrapped up in himself that he's forgotten what his job is. . . . He's probably the most selfish man I've seen. When you think about it, it's always 'me, me, me.' It's 'my program.' It's just disgusting."

Williams also said Fontes drinks on the team plane (a violation o team policy) and flirts with the flight attendants. And he said that Fontes' brother, Len, who is the secondary coach, is undermining defensive coordinator Woody Widenhofer.

Although Fontes said, "I have no dislike for Jimmy, he can say what he wants," he denied the charge of drinking on the team plane.

"That's slanderous," Fontes said.

Williams was picked up by the Minnesota Vikings.

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