Maintain The Road Width

December 09, 1990

WESTMINSTER - East Main Street residents, gathered at Thursday's TreeAction meeting to hear about a reconstruction project, agreed the road should not be widened during renovations.

TreeAction is a citizen's group hoping to save the century-old trees along the reconstruction route.

While most said the planned upgrade of storm water and utilities would be beneficial, they also said widening the road uniformly 40 feet would only increase traffic in the area.

"It'll make it a bigger race track than it already is," said Raymond Corbin, a city resident for 87 years.

"Why correct it if there isn't a problem?" another citizen added.

In addition, James Billingslea -- owner of Billingslea Real Estate -- noted that keeping the width could solve concerns about trees, moving the utility poles and loss of sidewalk from Washington Road to Longwell Avenue.

Residents also said they felt gaining 1 to 4 feet of road width was not enough reason to disturb the area's atmosphere.

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