Preservation Considered

December 09, 1990

The County Commissioners considered 23 petitions for inclusion in the state's agricultural land preservation program Tuesday.

The 23 farms total 2,451 acres and would increase to 40,512 the number of acres in preservation districts in Carroll.

The commissioners did not take action on the petitions introduced by William Powel, county agricultural land preservation program administrator. Commissioner Julia W. Gouge said she wanted to discuss several of the petitions with county staff before granting approval.

Land entered in preservation districts is precluded from development for a minimum of five years. During that time, the property owner can sell development rights in perpetuity to the state.

With more than 38,000 acres in preservation districts, Carroll has more land in the program than any other county in Maryland.

About 13,000 acres have been entered in districts since the county created its own financial-incentive program for farmland preservation nearly two years ago.

The petitions introduced Tuesday have been approved by the County Planning and Zoning Commission and the County Agricultural Land Preservation Advisory Board. They must be approved by both the commissioners and a state review board to qualify for preservation.

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