Celebration Needs Workers

December 09, 1990

First Night Annapolis will feature 20 acts performing at 14 indoor sites, plus enough street entertainment to turn the city's Historic District into one big block party.

But organizers say the best way to enjoy the event is to work on the inside.

"In other cities that have produced First Night, the volunteers have the best time," said organizer Lanna Nelson. "They love working that night.

It's not work, it's being part of the production crew of a major event.

That's one of the most interesting things about First Night, the fun it is to volunteer.

"We need volunteers to help at the sites as site monitors, to help guide people and explain to the audiences where to go. We're turning the city into a stage -- it's theater, in a sense, although I don't know what type of theater I would liken it to. Everything is going to happen at once."

One volunteer, Joni Zimmerman, was so enthused about the concept that she visited Boston, one of the major First Night sites, at her own expense to research the event.

"Lanna (Nelson) and Elizabeth (Welch) came to the Annapolis Jaycees last year to ask for support for the event," Zimmerman said. "They ran a video, and it seemed so exciting that I just organized a trip and went on up."

Zimmerman, in charge of the Jaycees' end of the admission button distribution, said that on New Year's Eve, "I'll certainly be out there, participating in as many events as I can.

"I think that everybody who's going to be there is going to absolutely love it," she said. "There's no doubt about that, after seeing the diverse list of performers that are going to be there for a lot of different people and age groups. I don't think anyone's going to be disappointed at all."

To volunteer call 268-8553.

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