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December 09, 1990|By LAURA CHARLES

FORGIVE US, dear friends, if you were one of the many who called while we were away on holiday and left a message on the Eyes line. Seems our answering machine was on the blink, and, alas, your usually wonderful lilting voices somehow came out sounding like -- yikes! -- the spin cycle on our washing machine.

Not to worry, though. Now that we're back, feel free to ring us up and give us your titillating news. And don't forget to send us news of your coming parties and fund-raisers for our forthcoming winter-spring social calendar.

And now the news:

ANNOUNCEMENTS are in the mail this very minute -- if you're lucky enough to get one -- about the grand opening of local bon vivant and entertainment guru Bubbles' hush-hush nightclub project.

Here's the scoop. The new club is called Orpheus and is located on the corner of Pratt and Exeter streets in Little Italy. It's slated to make its grand entrance into the Big Crab's somewhat limited nightlife department with a gala pre-opening party for charter members only on New Year's Eve.

How do you become a charter member? Call the membership office of Orpheus at 563-1416 and ask for an application. If you join by Dec. 24, we're told, entrance to the New Year's Eve bash is free. Charter membership costs $30.

IMPRESSIONIST, COMIC and singer Danny Gans (formerly of Fox Broadcasting's "Open House") will headline an evening of entertainment for the benefit of the Baltimore Regional Burn Center on Wednesday at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall.

In conjunction with the benefit, Fox 45 is hosting a holiday celebration and dinner for about 300 or so of their, ah, intimate friends, who'll get the chance to meet -- sitting down? -- none other than Bart Simpson!

Tickets are $50, which includes the reception, show and parking, and $5 for the show only. Call the Burn Center at 550-0895 if you'd like to attend the show.

IT HAPPENED . . . LAST NIGHT: WJZ-TV's Steve Aveson is alive and well and living in the Big Crab. "I'm not dead yet, I'm still at this bloomin' place," he laughs. Though several members of the "Evening Magazine" staff (which airs its final show Dec. 28) have been laid off, Steve is not one of them.

He's busily working on the final show and will also be appearing in the Baltimore School for the Arts' "Nutcracker" production with his 4-year-old daughter Victoria this week.

CELEBRATION: Danny and Bea Dickman of Danny's restaurant on Charles and Biddle streets are celebrating their 29th year in the restaurant biz tomorrow night with an in-house bash that kicks off at 5 p.m.

THE HOME BUILDERS Association of Maryland unveiled its renovation of the new headquarters of the Child Abuse Prevention Center of Maryland recently at 1801 S. Hanover St. B. J. Cowie and Graham Kastendike chaired the dedication of the new headquarters, joined by Terry Morgenthaler, president-elect of CAPC.

Others on hand included Signet Bank prez Bill Cowie, sponsor of the event; Michael Keelty, of James Keelty and Co.; Charlotte King, exec director of the Maryland Social Services Administration; and artist-photographer Tom Gregory, who's done a photo history of the renovation.

PARTY LINE: Tracey Seifert and John Yuhanick of the Advertising Association of Baltimore invite you to the AAB's annual Christmas bash at Charles Levine's Scarlett Place Dec. 13 from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. For ticket info, call Chic Davis at 727-1578.

On that same day, the Baltimore Tourism Society is holding a "Holiday Fundraiser" on the Lady Baltimore (dockside) from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. to benefit the Maryland Food Committee. Tickets are $20 and can be reserved by calling 837-4636.

AND, FINALLY, the Orioles' Ellie Hendricks will, once again, be donning his Santa Claus suit, as the Orioles host their annual Holiday Party for Kids Dec. 18.

Special Baltimore kids will be served lunch by members of the team and receive a gift from Ellie, ah, make that Santa.

Also today, if you'd like to bring the kids, there'll be several celebrity Santas at Santa's Place at the Harborplace Amphitheatre to benefit the Kennedy Institute, including Kenny Curtis and Steve Harper of the Fox 45 Clubhouse, WBAL-TV's Pat Minarcin and dockmaster Joanne Aiello.

Back Wednesday!

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