3 statues defaced at Druid HIll Park

December 07, 1990|By Richard Irwin | Richard Irwin,Evening Sun Staff

City police today were seeking information about the vandals who spray-painted three marble statues in Druid Hill Park, causing damage that could cost thousands of dollars to repair.

The statues of Christopher Columbus, George Washington, and Noah Walker, a prominent city clothier, were spray-painted by the vandals, who also sprayed a 70-foot section of the wall alongside the Cedar Avenue bridge off Wyman Parkway that leads into the east side of the park.

Baltimore Zoo officials said removing or covering up the graffiti on the bridge's concrete wall is relatively easy and cheap, but it would be a difficult and expensive job to carefully remove the paint from the marble statues without destroying their features.

The vandalism was discovered yesterday after a construction worker noticed a trailer had been broken into at a job site near the park swimming pools.

When an officer arrived to investigate the 6:30 a.m. break-in, he was told that at least one can of fluorescent orange spray paint was missing.

While patrolling the area, the officer discovered the defaced statues of Columbus and Washington and the painted bridge wall.

Later, the paint-damaged statue of Walker, near the park conservatory, was discovered. The lid of a fluorescent orange spray can of paint was found on the bridge.

Police said the entire face and one leg of the Columbus statue was spray-painted and a flag pole next to the statue was damaged by paint. On the statue's base, the vandals spray-painted "This man didn't do."

Police said the statue of Washington was randomly spray-painted. The Columbus and Washington statues are near each other on the west side of the reservoir. Walker's statue is several hundred yards away near the conservatory.

Besides randomly spraying the Walker statue, the vandals wrote, "You are next" on its base.

A sign directing visitors to the zoo also was painted. On the sprayed bridge wall, the vandals wrote 5-0, street slang for the police and a reference to the old television show, "Hawaii Five-0."

Police said anyone having information about those responsible should call the Northern District station at 396-2455.

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