Changes due in stock market format

December 07, 1990

Starting today, The Evening Sun is changing its presentation of news about the stock market.

Streetwise, a nationally syndicated column for investors by Herb Greenberg, will appear every Friday in Money Today.

On Monday, there will be changes in the display of stock and mutual fund tables to produce more compact stock pages with more timely information.

The mutual fund table will not be carried on Monday. Full mutual fund listings, which contain figures from Friday's close, are available in both the Saturday and Sunday Sun. The mutual fund table will appear Tuesday through Friday in The Evening Sun.

The stock tables will be more compact. The dividend column will be eliminated from the full listing. However, the paper will add daily reports of dividends declared. For the final edition, the reports will include not only the previous day's dividends but also all dividends reported by noon on the day of publication.

NASDAQ National Market and American Exchange tables will carry only those issues most actively traded. The Over-the-Counter table will be dropped.

Stocks of local interest traded on the New York Stock Exchange will be highlighted in bold type. Local-interest stocks on the NASDAQ and American exchanges will be carried in separate tables on the stock page.

Prices of local stocks, as well as foreign currency rates, will be updated in later editions.

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