'Crack' concealed in steamed crabs brings 3 years

December 06, 1990|By Raymond L. Sanchez | Raymond L. Sanchez,Evening Sun Staff

Most Baltimoreans love to devour steamed crabs, but a local woman found a novel use for the tasty crustaceans.

Beatrice Jones, 27, concealed 460 vials of "crack" cocaine in a bag of steamed crabs. Yesterday she pleaded guilty in Baltimore Circuit Court to possession with intent to distribute the drug.

"It was different," Assistant State's Attorney David Copperthite said outside court. "It's the first time I've ever seen anybody carry the dope in steamed crabs."

"This is truly a crime against the city," the prosecutor said.

As Copperthite explained the crime in court, several snickers were heard among the spectators.

Judge Edward J. Angeletti gave Jones, of the 1900 block of Lauretta Ave., a three-year sentence and three years' probation.

Jones was arrested May 23 after tip from a police informant, who said Jones was delivering cocaine hidden in a bag of steamed crabs to a home on Edmondson Avenue.

A search of the bag revealed 460 vials of crack, which Copperthite said were worth nearly $5,000 on the street.

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